Monday, September 6, 2010

7 years - A Month Early

My 7 year anniversary with John is coming up this month, but we happened to give each other our big gifts a bit early. Don't blame me! It's all John, I swear.

We had talked about getting a new computer as my desk top is about 5 years old and SO slow, but I'm never the one to say 'Buy it!' Since John knows this about me, he decided to just buy it for me...hence the reason he gave it to me so early.
(Are you all following John on Twitter yet?)

As some of you know, John and I are heading to Europe next month and John has been talking about buying a Flip Video Camera for the trip. I kept telling him how both of our still cameras take video so we really didn't need it. However...I then realized how he looked at the camera as a toy as well. How could I deny him something he wanted so bad? At least it wasn't a $1000 Star Wars Lego.

I decided to view their website to check out the details. John had told me he wanted a mini cam and on their site I found out that you could upload your OWN PHOTO to the front of the camera. Flip cam? SOLD!!!!

What would be the best photo to put on the camera? How about a photo collage of some of the places we've traveled together?
I do have a legit reason of giving John the camera early. On his to do list he had 'Buy Flip'. Seriously. There was no way I was going to risk him spoiling my surprise!

I decided to tape John ask I gave him the gift. I didn't really get the reaction I wanted, as he was a bit shocked to see the photos on the camera.

The 7th anniversary traditional gift is copper, so in a few weeks we will be exchanging those gifts. I'm not sure how John will like this gift as the 'practical' copper I gift was discontinued. We will see!


Sarah said...

Did John think the flip cam was just for you and he was jealous? I know I am.

Judy S said...

Nice blog! And I like the new format, too!

Syddison said...

This is funny also. I can see in his eyes that he is pumped up!Nice work on the collage, it looks great. Also, time to update your profile. You have now been married longer than 5.5 years to your high school sweetheart!