Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summa Time and the Livings Easy

This weekend was pretty mellow which was much needed. I FINALLY had time to test out my new cruiser! We rode downtown and got to our destination in just a few minutes. Let me tell you it was not long enough! I wanted to keep riding because it was so fun. I can't wait to be crusin' all summer.
(Click photo to enlarge)
John and I are planning/hoping to make one dish a week out of Mastering the Art of French Cooking. (John got me the recipe book after seeing the movie last fall). We decided to start with something simple, so the first thing we made was a roasted chicken. (Ok, John made most of it, I was assisting by taking photos). The bird is ready. (We sold our roaster when we moved, so we got a cheapy rack at Bed Bath, and it worked great!)
Buttering up the bird.
John trying out his belated birthday gift from our friend Molly. Onion goggles even work for shallots! Who knew?Turning the bird.
Ta-da! Golden brown! John also made a butter/fat sauce that we put on top and it was really good! So far so good. I'm not sure what we will make next week as I personally don't like real labor intensive recipes, so we will see.


CindyCB said...

Mmm, I can almost taste that chicken! Looks good! I think I'd like to see John wearing a nice apron next time though ;-)

Big D said...

Is John going to give Big Dave some tips? I now have to run out and get some lunch. The chicken moved up my lunch time.

Mauleigh said...

That looks perfect! So glad the onion goggles are multi purpose.

Saraholic said...

Awesome bikes, although I am still waiting to see John in a fixie.

Judy S said...

I have to say that your bike is so much cuter than John's, whose bike really isn't cute at all! That chicken looks fabulous!!!!!!!! Onion goggles? Who knew?