Thursday, June 10, 2010

DDD #22

How did we go from #27 to #22? Well I’m obviously WAY behind in my blog posts since I only posted once in May. I’m also worried as time goes by the critical DDD information that is stored in my head will slowly disintegrate before I can document it. THE HORROR! So…to avoid this I am writing about the most recent DDDs while that info is the freshest.

So back to #22. Last month after my second PRP injection John and I met up with Maggie at Baby Blues BBQ for our 22nd Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

Like always we took Guy’s suggestions and ordered the dishes he featured on the show, but this time we were a little disappointed.

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John got the pulled pork, which was pretty good, but a little dry without adding more BBQ sauce. We also got the corn since it was features on the show and it was just ok…not real sweet. I got the baby back ribs and they were AWESOME. By far the best thing we ordered all night…along with the GIGANTIC glass of Kool-aid.

Maggie was pumped to have the option to just order sides, since they are her fave, however they were dry as well, (without adding BBQ sauce).

Baby Blues and BBQ was featured in season one and I’m starting to think that the most recent restaurants featured on DDD are at a higher quality then some of the ones featured in the earlier seasons. Sad but true.

I also think this DDD was before Guy started using his stencil to mark the places he visited. However he did leave this behind.


Maggie Mae said...

I think I need to start wearing heels when I meet up with you. I look like a midget in every DDD photo!

lynn @ the actors diet said...

i've never been to baby blues but my good friend mayuka bakes their pies. did you have any of the pecan or key lime?!?

Sarah said...

I love sides. I think Maggie was a genius!

CindyCB said...

Amber, your blog makes me so hungry! I love it :)

Saraholic said...

i love bbq! you and john should come up to reno for the rib cook off! i go every year. it's the big cook-off that they show on food network and has hundreds of bbq places from accross the country. i have my faves.

Amber said...

Maggie - You do not look like a midget! Plus we are the same size when we are sitting.

Lynn - We did not try the pies! Dang. Maybe next time.

Sarah - The Rib Cook Off sounds awesome! Let me know when it is!