Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tips Galore!

A few weeks ago I saw this post on Chris' blog. I had NO idea they had a cake decorating tool box! I HAD to get it. All of my cake decorating supplies were currently in zip lock bags. (They were in a box before the move, but I got rid of the box to conserve space, but tacky is a brown box?)

Like the thrifty shopper that I am, I waited until I got a 40% off coupon from Michael's until I made the purchase.Needless to say this has been one of the best purchases I have made in a long time.

Since we are on the decorating subject, last week was our last French class so I made French inspired cupcakes for everyone. (I also made some small French flags that I stuck in them but I didn't get a photo.)
The French class was a great introduction to the language but we didn't really learn how to converse with each other. John and I will be starting the Rosetta Stone this summer, so hopefully that will give us the extra practice. 3.5 months until our trip...time to book some tickets!


Sarah said...

That toolbox is genius! I will expect shipments of cupcakes to arrive weekly. Thank you.

Jaymiebeth said...

I love your cupcakes! Hey, did I ever tell you I took a semester of French my senior year with a couple other Spanish majors. I should be headin' over there with you! Can't wait to see what other creations you make with your new tool box.

Anonymous said...

I almost never buy anything at Michaels without a coupon unless it is on sale. You can also find discounts at a ton of online shopping sites by typing "_________ coupon code". I was ordering at Target and searched for the code and saved 5 extra bucks on my order that already had free shipping. Score! Katy