Sunday, June 21, 2009

Game Day

Well I’ve officially completed my fist two weeks at my job, and I already feel like I’m back in the swing of things. I thought it would at least take 3-4 weeks but my life as a house wife feels like a distant memory. Sniff…sniff. I’m kind of amazed that I could block something I enjoyed so much out of my mind so quickly.

One thing I’ve noticed since being back at work is that I feel more independent and I feel like I have my own life (separate from John’s). I was totally immersed in John’s ‘work life’ since I didn’t have one of my own, and since our home was my life he was connected in it all. It actually feels weird to have something that isn’t shared with him.

It also feels great to be contributing to something. Now my daily tasks are really helping others. I know doing the laundry really helped John out, but this isn’t the same. Now I’m able to use my skills to help non-family members. How significant is vacuuming, laundry, and dishes vs. helping fellow employees land a huge job? House chores really seem insignificant now. I even think I prefer to do them on the weekends vs. everyday. It’s also amazing how all of the house work I did during a week can be condensed into just a weekend. Hmmmm what does that tell me?

Remember my previous post about being so busy this summer? Well this weekend was and will be my only one home in June. Thank goodness we didn't go anywhere. (We almost traveled down south to take a look at a mini, but it had been sold). We had a really great relaxing and productive weekend. Hopefully I'll have another one next month.

Included in this month’s events, John and I met up with my family to go to a Giants baseball game. One of the highlights was that before the game they honored the ’89 Giants team! I watched the most baseball in my life in 1989, (that’s right…when I was 12), and I actually knew more of the retired players then the current players on the team! I So sad…but let me tell you it was awesome to see all of the old players. I was so impressed with how many names I still had stored in my memory...I knew I saved it for some reason! Needless to say it was very exciting, and that was before the game even started!
As most of you know, one of the best parts about going to a professional game is the food! Let me tell you that having the garlic fries made my day. Let me rephrase that…watching the Giants WIN and eating garlic fries at the same time made my day. In fact they had their comeback right after I got my fries, and let me tell you it was very challenging to cheer for them whilst stuffing my face. I managed though.
Another highlight was getting to wear my new Old Navy orange turtle neck that I got for $2. I thought I would have to save it for fall, but I was wrong!
As we were heading out of the stadium with the masses we walked by a closing pretzel stand. John made a beeline over to the cashier and asked if he can have one of the pretzels for free. ‘Sure’ she says. SCORE! I couldn’t believe it!! She then offered us two after seeing my shocked/excited reaction. DOUBLE SCORE! Then out of the corner of my eye I saw theses two HUGE lemonade vats, so I threw all caution to the wind and asked if I could have some lemonade too. ‘Sure’ she said ‘If you have a cup.’ Wouldn’t you know it…we had saved 2 souvenirs beer cups! TRIPLE SCORE! There are few things in life that are exciting as getting free food.
On our walk back to the car we passed by the Marriott hotel, and I notice a group of people standing next to this huge bus that was parked on the curb. I then realized that the bus was full of the ’89 baseball players! Even though I could only recognize 5 of them I made John wait with me in hoping that Will Clark was going to walk off the bus. We did not see Will, but we did see Kevin Mitchell! I got my camera out and was going to take a photo of him, but then I thought that would be lame. I didn’t want a paparazzi shot of him. So instead I said ‘Excuse me Kevin, can I get a photo with you?’ His reply, ‘Sorry it’s been a long day.’ EXCUSE ME? WHAT DID HE JUST SAY? Did he really just turn me down? I just stood there in disbelief! Not once have I ever been turned down for a stalker fan photo. I was SO MAD! Maybe if Kevin didn’t want to be harassed he should have taken OFF his Giants jersey with MITCHELL on the back. Seriously…how often does he get asked for autographs and photos now days? What kills me is that Ernest Miles was walking in front of him, and I should have asked him. I know he would have been nicer. So I will confirm all those rumors back in the 80’s that Kevin is truly an a-hole.

It was a good thing John and I headed to our friend’s house in the east bay that night after the game, because that snub could have seriously wrecked my entire weekend! Lucky for us our friends were just starting up Rock Band when we got there, so we were able to rock out for the rest of the night. The night before we play the Metallica version, but this night we played all of their other songs. I couldn’t believe how many they had in their database…including No Doubt’s Singles album! Talk about awesome! I think we played until 2am…way too late for this new working girl…but it was totally worth it. I feel so lucky to have spent time with my family and friends during the weekend. We were only in town for 48 hours so it’s amazing that it was all able to work out. Now if we all didn’t have to work, we could play EVERY day. Sigh.


:: CCB's Knit-Knacks :: said...

Rock Band... is that the same as Guitar Hero in the UK? Sounds like it, we have Legends of Rock and World Tour. We're looking at getting Metallica next, yeah! x

Sarah said...

You almost went south to look at a mini? A mini what? skirt? cooper? chihuahua? collectible doll? I needs to know!

Amber said...

Cindy - Yes...Rock Band is like Guitar Hero except you sign, drum, and play guitars all at the same time.

Sarah - A mini cooper of course! John has to give his company car back so we are in the market for something new. We've always wanted a mini, so why not? Live in the moment!