Monday, April 20, 2009

What is in the water?

I just had to say something. By the end of this year...2009...10 of my friends will have given birth. Isn't that CRAZY?? So far I've had three friends in January give birth, one in February, and one in April. The remainder of the list is as follows:

Heather - June 5th
Steph - June 28th
Brianne - Aug 29th
Jessie - Sept. 10th
Katy - Oct 12th

What else is crazy is that only 3 out of the 10 are boys. (Still waiting to hear about the Oct. baby).

Another crazy stat is that in 2007 we attended 6 weddings and now every couple are either preggers are parents except for one.

I really wanted to make these friends some homemade baby gifts, but so far I haven't done anything. I really hope I get on the ball soon!


Samantha said...

No kidding! I have about the same number of preggo friends on my list!

Daniel and Brianne said...

Alright! I made a Top 10 list! Hehe!

Sarah said...

Get on the ball! Those babies need presents! And the moms too! Plus everything you make is so cute. Almost makes me want to get pregnant.