Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Good 'Ole Concert Days

I love going to concerts. It's as simple as that. I did not realize how spoiled I was when I lived in the bay area for 4 years having access to ANY and EVERY concert I could hope for.

Now living approximately 3 hours from any large city, my concert viewing has greatly decreased. Don't get me wrong, I am more than willing to travel for a band I love, however over the last few years bands are more commonly preforming on any day of the week...not just the weekends.

The closest concert venue we have is in Santa Barbara (1.5 hours south.) The venus not that big, so the performers that play there are either bands with one hit album, has beens, or Katy Perry since she's local.

We also have concerts once a year at the Paso Fair. If we are lucky they will have a band that we like (Weezer, STP, Velvet Revolver). This year they have yet to announce an act we would like to see...there is one more night free...let's hope it's not another country act.

Occasionally there will be a when MGMT played in Avila last year. (I'm actually heading back to the Avila venue next month to see Sheryl Crow play for a fundraiser. Random, I know.)

I currently subscribe to all concert venue newsletters as well as all of the small bands I like HOPING they will play somewhere near by. I'm learning that it is also very common for smaller bands to play festivals...AKA multi day concerts. Most of these take place over a weekend, which is awesome except it's MULTI DAY.

I will painfully admit that I am TOO old to attend a 3 day concert. Ever since I turned 30 I have really felt the physical effects of getting older. Seriously. A simple weekend trip to SF/LA totally wipes me out. If I can't' take that, how could I survive a 3-day concert? Whatever happened to the 1 day concerts back in the 90's? KMEL Summer Jam? Kamp KOME? Anyone? Those concerts were SO AWESOME. Totally exhausting...but they were only 1 day so you had ample time to recover.

It really bums me out that 1 day concerts have now turned into these MULTI DAY 'festivals.' I'm sure most of you have heard of Coachella as well as Outside Lands. I name these two in particular because A) they both have bands I would love to see, and B) they are both in CA and I could possibly attend them...HOWEVER they take place over 3 days. 3 DAYS! Who has the time and money for a 3 day concert? I know one person who has the resources, and that is my friend SA. I must say that I am totally pumped that I have at least one friend who is hard core enough to attend these awesome festivals...and that I get to live vicariously through her.

This weekend she will be going to Coachella for a second time. Read about her survival tips here...and read about her experience last year here.


Sarah said...

I'm loving this jealousy post. SA should bring you back something.

Sarah said...

And she's supposed to be celeb searching for me.

Samantha said...

My 19 year old cousin is going to coachella - but he's 19 and still has access to Bank of Mom & Dad!

Jaymiebeth said...

Another reason to move to Seattle...

Syddison said...

Such hate for the Country fans! geesh. How about a little love for some southern comfort?? Now that I have 6 short weeks left in Atlanta, I am realizing all the missed concert opportunities I have had. I will soon be feeling the pain of 2-3 hour drive for a decent venue!! Sorry Chica. The price you pay for living in the happiest Town on earth!!

Saraholic said...

OK. Coachella this year was BRUTAL. Just BRUTAL because I was sick. SD, I'm pretty sure I saw a celeb, there were a million paris hilton look-a-likes.
I hate to admit it, but I think I am reaching a point where I am done with 3 day concerts-- but they are a blast.

I completely sympathize with living in a city where there aren't a lot of bands that come to play.. even in Sacramento most shows are big concerts. I have to drive to San Francisco to go see a show.. which I do on occassion even on a work night. I'm afraid I too may be getting to old for that as well!!

Hemraj said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
chrrrrrs said...

i went to coachella when i was 23. now that i'm 33 i probably would faint within the first hour. lol. but i totally get it. i miss going to concerts too!!!

Syddison said...

We need an UPDATE!!! This weekend should give you some bloggin' material!!!

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