Tuesday, February 3, 2009


John and I have been waiting for someone to come and visit. Someone who drives a truck. We've been waiting since last spring when we remodeled our bathroom. We have yet to have that lucky visitor and as a result we've had our old toilet and counter/sink sitting on our front porch.

We now have a truck and were planning on taking the items to the dump. Then I realized how wasteful that would be to just dump it at the landfill.

I had heard the wonderful tales of Craig's list and how you can give stuff away. I told John we should post it for FREE and see what happens.

As of now we own one less toilet then we did 24 hours ago. Why couldn't I have come up with this idea 7 months ago?

1 comment:

Sarah said...

What an awesome idea! If someone would take your old toilet then I bet someone would want the old nasty pair of skis that have been in my backyard for years. Thanks for the great idea!