Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Time has Come.

John and I are heading up to S.F. tonight for my surgery. I've got my pre opp appointment Thursday morning, and the surgery is on Friday. I'm hoping we will get to go to Tommy's Joynt for lunch. As much as I loved the burrito shop that we went to last time, it's time to mix it up. Ok, not really, but we saw Tommy's Joynt on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives and it looks so good! I'm planning on getting the meatball sandwich on a fresh sourdough roll. Can you beat it?

One of my new guilty pleasures is Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. John and I are fully obsessed with this show. We also found out that the host Guy Fieri grew up in a small town near where we did and some how neither of us ever knew that.

We LOVE watching the chefs make the dishes on the show and have picked up a few good tips. I would REALLY like to plan a road trip and try all the different places he's gone. For some reason there is a ton near and in Salt Lake City. (I'm wondering if one of his crew members is from there). What was great about Tommy's is that most of the food is homemade and it has old school prices.

I'm definitely not looking forward to my surgery, but I can't wait to get it over. It seems like I've just been sitting around for the last month just waiting for it. Not the most uplifting. I also celebrated my birthday this week, and it was probably the most lack luster birthday to date. I didn't think having my surgery near my b-day would matter, but it does. I didn't want to do anything, or want any gifts...shocking I know. A few friends came over this past weekend for dinner which was fun, but it still didn't feel like a celebration to me, even with the awesome Madonna Inn cake Jen got for me. Even on the 2nd it felt like any other day. Well except for dinner. John took me out to one of our favorite Italian restaurants.

I really hope things will be back to normal after I've recovered. My Achilles tendinosis is still bothering me which I've found could take up to a year to heal. Isn't that great news? I keep trying to stay positive but it's definitely been harder than normal. Hence the lack of posts. It's no fun to post when you are down...AND I didn't want to post about this because I didn't want you to feel like you needed to leave words of encouragement, because I really do know things will be fine...and that they could be WAY worse. I just need to get through these weeks and hope my Achilles gets better so I can be more active. It's so hard to stay off of it.

I'm not sure when I will update again. I remember after my first surgery I didn't feel like blogging, so don't get your hopes up. But you never know I might surprise you!


Mauleigh said...

I'll be praying for you and trust that this Dr. will get all the cancer out!

Dora said...

If you do plan a DDD trip, this may help:

Best of luck.

Lori said...

Sending you hugs from New Jersey...keep us posted on your condition.


Amber said...

Dora! I cannot thank you enough for the map! It is awesome! I'm also going to add your two blogs to my reader. Thanks again!

Judy S said...

Tendinosis? I clicked on that link, and UGH!
It sounds terrible and they don't even tell you
how you end up with such a crappy condition.

See you soon! Think happy thoughts!

Maggie said...


Lori R. said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers...hang in there girl!

Sarah said...

I wish you could have come to Disneyland with me on our Birthday. I kept thinking of you! If they do it next year, you have to come down :).
xoxox Sarah

Daniel and Brianne said...

We are obsessed with Diners Drive-in's and Dives too! I'm getting hungry just thinking about it! We have been talking about going down south and hitting up a couple in LA that they featured. YUM!
Good luck with will do great! :)

Bri said...

You're right about things could be a lot worse. Those two ailments are just "bumps in the road" of life. I hope soon they will be gone and you'll be back on top of the world!

Sarah said...

You might need to get hooked on some new show while you are recuperating. Like get past seasons of 24. That will get your blood moving. It will make the time fly by. Wishing you all the best. Hope you're back online soon!

PS my word verification on this one is "pharm" like pharmacy. I think blogger wants you to medicate.