Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer Time Tradition

This past weekend we attended our 4th/5th(?) Atascapalooza. Our friend Molly (AKA Miss Wild Child) came down for the second year from Sacramento for the festivities. I don’t think this year was quite as eventful as last year, and I think that is due to the fact that there was less misgiff for Miss Wild Child to get into. I wouldn’t necessarily say she was more well-behaved I think there were just less items for her explore.

They had a piƱata again which I think Hans gets the most enjoyment out of. They also had the egg toss again, and I really wanted to decline because I did not want to loose. We won last year…why not go out on top? Yeah it wasn’t that easy. I swear I had never been that nervous for an egg toss before…granted it was only the second one I’d ever been in, but still! There was a lot more riding on this because EVERYONE wants to beat the best right? Lucky for us Miss Wild Child was not in the race this year so I thought we had a chance. It got down to 3 couples and what do you know? We won again! I still can’t believe it. Now I really hope John will let me retire. He also decided to smash our egg (again) before our victory photo. Oh well…I guess a new tradition has started.

Other than that it was a lot of lounging around in the nice North County heat. I guess I should call it warmth because it really wasn’t that hot. Here we are relaxing:
I think Molly is throwing up a 'M' for Molly?
Us with the hostess and her latest addition.


Sarah said...

Did you and the Wild Woman coordinate your outfits?

Saraholic said...

Wow! Looks like you ladies had a GREAT time! I can't believe Molly wore her mumu... and Moll is throwing up a Westside sign upside down.. and she actually did it right this time! haha

Big D said...

I love Molly!

Daniel and Brianne said...

Looks like fun! Congrats on the big win! :)

Judy S said...

You won two years in a row? Now you will
never be able to bypass the egg toss.
Everyone knows you are the dudes to beat!
Peer Pressure, babies!