Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Other Blogs

A good friend of mine just started a blog, The Pennington Girl, so please welcome her by adding her site to your reader! The author is Jaymie, who lives in Washington with her husband and two super cute kids. She is also pretty crafty and just blogged about how she spruced up her daughter’s bedroom. I have known Jaymie for 20+ years and we still stay in touch…thanks to email. I am SO excited that she has started a blog so it will be even easier to stay in touch.

There is another blog I follow called Knock off Wood, where the author gives tutorials on how to build furniture just like Pottery Barn furniture. It’s awesome because she helps you save a bazillion dollars by being able to make it yourself. I of course have yet to have John try and make anything, but if that day ever arises I will be ready! Apparently she has only been blogging for 4 months, and that is how long it took Pottery Barn to find her and try to put the kibosh on her site. Check it out here…it’s pretty interesting.

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chrrrrrs said...

that is awesome! never buy full price at pottery barn!

we also found a place in culver city in LA that sells PB furniture at 1/3 the cost of real PB. so much more worth it! sadly, i think he shut down... :(