Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Get ready Necco!

It's packed and ready to be mailed!

Here is my letter to Necco. I doubt I will hear from them, but you know I will let you know if they do. I'm wondering if they might just post this in their break room under 'crazy customers.'

Dear Fellow Candy Lovers,

Hello, my name is Amber Grundman. I have been a fan of your candy conversation hearts for 17 years. I have very fond memories from when I was a child. In grade school my mom let me take the candy boxes to school to celebrate my birthday, (since I was born in February). Ever since then I have looked forward to February to purchase your conversation hearts.

This year was no exception, however I had the hardest time finding a store that carried them. With some help from my friends I was directed to a Walgreens where I purchased some in the small boxes. I was very excited until I tasted one because it tasted terrible. At the time I thought I had purchased the wrong brand because of the odd perfumy taste and because there were blue hearts in the box. I am well aware that there are competitors that make the hearts and I refuse to eat the impostors. I have even received the nickname of 'candy snob' because of this...but that is another story.

I next headed to Target and purchased your hearts in a large bag. Once again I was very excited until I tried them and realized that they were the same hearts that I purchased at Walgreens. These were not the candy hearts that I had eaten for the past 17 years. What happened?

A friend of mine, who shares my love for the hearts, sent me a link to your website where you explained how you changed the recipe of the hearts after 145 years. Why in the world would you change a perfect recipe after 145 years? I understand you need to keep things fresh, which is what I thought you did by creating the tart and chocolate hearts. You also mentioned on the website that the new hearts were now more fun to eat because they are softer. I thought the hearts were a hard candy...no? There was no need to change the traditional recipe.

All I am praying for is that you bring back the original hearts next year. Remember New Coke? That didn't go over well either. The original hearts are ingrained in American society and you eat them for nostalgia. Please consider correcting what I believe to be a huge mistake.

I have included the uneaten hearts I purchased in this box. I did not want to eat them, but also did not want to throw them away. If you have any of the classic hearts laying around in your office(s), please send them my way....with a bill.

Thank you for your time,

Amber L. Grundman

**Note: I found some impostor hearts at a local gift store today in town. Even though they aren't my fave, they are WAY better than the new hearts Necco sold this year. As you can see they look very similar but are too thick.


Saraholic said...

Wow Amber, you are serious about those hearts! Well, I hope they listen to you.
Now I want to go get some of those new versions, just to try. I personally was never a fan of the Conversation Hearts... but more power to you! ;)

Sarah said...

So funny! I love how you referenced New Coke. Some things just shouldn't be improved.

Syddison said...

Well, you said you would do it and you did. I hope you get some good results, or at least a few leftovers from the depths of the Necco offices. Good Luck. I think they will know you are serious and hopefully understand your LOVE for the CLASSIC Conversation Heart!!

Samantha said...

Aren't Necco wafers the same thing but round?

Daniel and Brianne said...

You're awesome!

Jenna Hoskinson said...

OK, I absolutely LOVE the fact that you packed up the hearts and are sending them to the company! And your letter is great. I hope they do bring the old hearts back (for your sake - I hate the things!) and that they send you a crap-load for free.

ordinary miracles said...

Way to go, Amber! Stand up for your Sweetheart rights! You are the voice for us all:)