Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Excuse me?

Do you remember way back in 2008 when I posted about my Achilles injury? Seems so long ago right? So long ago that it’s probably old new right? Wrongo bongo.

It has been 15 months since my Achilles injury and it has still not healed. 15 months. Have you had anything awful last 15 months? For me that has meant no running, jumping, hiking, climbing, or wearing high heels…for 457 days…seriously.

I’ve seen a total of three orthopedists (locally) and the last one finally gave me a solution. Finally right? Wrongo bongo AGAIN. His solution?

Excuse me? Surgery? I didn’t even think surgery was an option. I mean what could they do to my Achilles if it wasn’t torn? Well, apparently they can insert a tendon from a cadaver to help support my Achilles in its healing process. Recovery = 4-6 weeks in a boot, and then 4-6 months rehab. The doctor said that since the tendon has not healed on it’s own in a years time that surgery was the next step. Why couldn’t my Achilles just have snapped? I would have been fully recovered if that happened to me 15 months ago!

I did ask my Dr. about Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, which can help injuries heal quicker, and he was totally negative about it.

He said that most insurance don’t cover the cost.
I told him I didn’t care.

He said it could cause the tendon to snap.
I told him I didn’t care.

He said it could have a placebo affect.
I told him I didn’t care.

Those were the worst reasons I’ve ever heard! Just because he doesn’t do it and doesn’t want to loose the surgery business, doesn’t mean he should think it’s a bad idea. Shouldn’t he want what is best for his patient? What if it were to work for me better than surgery? Doctors can be so hit and miss. In fact his anti-ism made me even more determined to do more research and to find a doctor that administers the procedure.

I found the Orthohealing Center in LA online, and I’m hoping that they will be the answer to my prayers. Check out this testimonial. I know it’s probably an extreme case, but I’m not as bad off as he was so I have hope! I’m hoping to go down to LA soon meet with the doctor and hopefully get the procedure done in the same day.

I am actually willing to try anything at this point to avoid surgery. I’m even seeing an acupuncturist after much harassment from John, (who saw her for his back, but she kicked him out after seeing his MRI because there wasn’t anything she could do for him). Small needles? Really? What could that do for me? Fist let me tell you that I was TOTALLY skeptical…next let me tell you that I’ve seen her three times and I think it is helping! No joke! I have noticed that over the last week the swelling has gone down quite a bit, and I even wore some shoes with a heel! I don’t think it can repair the ‘shredded rope’ state the tendon is in, but if it helps with the swelling that has got to be helpful.

So we will see what happens. I have the feeling that my Achilles is not going to heal itself anytime soon. I’m tired of having dreams where I am running…I want to make it a reality! Plus I need to be able to run if someone were to ever steal my purse and run down the street. Priorities people!


Sarah said...

I have an elbow injury that is weird. I guess the nerve moved to the wrong place and is pinched. It's been 18 months and I have numbness in my pinkie finger, 1/2 the ring finger and the edge of my palm. It was super annoying at first because every time anything came into contact with those areas it would tingle. Plus that hand is weak now. My Dr. said the only option is surgery and even then it will be likely to happen again. Yes I know it's not the same as your situation because it's not exactly painful, but I still might have trouble attacking a purse-snatcher.

I really hope you can get some non-surgical relief soon. It's been far too long!

Saraholic said...

Awww... bummer! I hope the other treatment works better for you.. but if the Doctor says that surgery will FOR SURE help the healing, then why not just do it? I hope it heals soon!