Sunday, February 21, 2010

DDD #16 & #17

This past week when John and I were in S.F. for my doctors appointment we of course had to take advantage of being in the city…meaning we had to make sure we ate good food…meaning we of course had to try to go to a few restaurants featured on our fave show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives!

We actually started our DDD quest a year ago when we went to our first place, Tommy’s Joynt, after another one of my S.F. doctor appointments. In 12 months we visited 15 different places, and I am very curious to see how many places we will go to this year. (I secretly hope it’s just as many.)

The first place we went to, (for breakfast), was Dottie’s True Blue Caf√©. We arrived at the perfect time and didn’t have to wait. The place was packed, but it only had about 10 tables.
We started off with a berry lemon cheesecake bar thing. It was tasty! We also got the jalapeno cakes which were featured on the show and were really good, as well as a breakfast basic kind of meal.
You know when cappuccinos are served with a little spoon they know what they are doing. Everything was really good! It was pretty basic breakfast fair, but the quality was definitely above average. The eggs were some of the best eggs I’ve ever had. I have no idea what they did to them, but they had great flavor and great texture (nice, fluffy and not burnt). Of course we ordered too much food, but you have to do that at DDD joints!
An extra plus to the dining experience was that the owner was doing all the cooking! He is only the 5th owner we’ve seen on our DDD adventures. Impressive!

After a quick shopping trip we luckily worked up our appetites and we headed to our second DDD restaurant, Q. This place was totally funky inside. It had crazy artwork, tables, and there was even a fake tree coming out of the middle of one of the tables! I got the pulled pork, which was pretty good, however I liked the garlic fries the best.

Both dishes were featured on the show and both were tasty. The tator tots on the mac-n-chee were so awesome, that I made some mac-n-chee this week and topped it with tots! The cheese was equally good on their mac, but neither John nor I could pin point the type of cheese(s) that were used. I can’t copy if it if don’t know what it was!
One interesting thing about both of these places is that neither of them had any evidence that Guy was there, which was quiet shocking. Most of the places we’ve visited display at least a poster or Guy’s spray painted stencil somewhere on their walls. Needless to say I was a bit disappointed that neither of them were proud enough to display their honor in being part of DDD history. Their loss.


Syddison said...

I am pumpd you are back blogging again. I love the updates. I am glad you and JCG got to hit a few DDD while in SF. That makes taking a dau off work seem a little better!

Sarah said...

Hmm. It's possible the owners thought Guy isn't the most appealing thing to have on their walls. But then if they have a tree going out of a table, their taste might be a bit off. Regardless, looks like delish food. Tater tots need to be included in more dishes.

Saraholic said...

wow.. that ALL looks sooo good!
I'll have to check them out sometime!

Lori R. said...

Kyle was in the bay area this last weekend and on his way home stopped at In and Out Burger in Rohnert Park and low and behold in walks guy Fieri and his family. Of course Kyle had to immediately text me to let me know. Fun, huh?