Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm here...

Is anyone out there? I blame our move 100% for my lack of blogging. Seriously. I cannot believe how much of our time the move has sucked into its vortex to never be seen again. I’m so ready to be able to do something fun without the feeling of a thousand home jobs hanging over my head. Granted we did have some fun when we went to Sacramento a few weekends ago, but I’m talking about not having that feeling while at home.

This weekend my parents are coming into town, so after we moved in we decided that our goal to get the house unpacked would be this holiday weekend. So far it’s been a good/realistic plan. However HOURS of fun have been sacrificed for it, as well as HOURS I needed to read my book club book.

This past weekend we decided to be ‘responsible’ and not go down to L.A. for the last leg of the Amgen Tour of California bike race, and it’s actually a good thing we didn’t. We wound up working both days on the house and even took two more loads to our storage garage. We even had boxes to still unpack! We made some good headway, but I just want to be done with it.

The adjustment to the new digs is getting easier and easier, but there still isn’t enough counter space in the kitchen. I think that may be one of my permanent complaints.

I will do my best to get back in a blogging routine, so keep your fingers crossed that I do…or you can just leave me a motivational comment.


Daniel and Brianne said...

You can do it! LOL! I know the feeling want to have so much to blog about but the time to do it...not so much. Good luck with having everything done by this weekend. What a relief it will be when you can just sit back and relax. :)

CindyCB said...

Yes, I'm still here! I check in on you regularly.

We once bought a butcher's block on wheels when we didn't have enough counter space - could be used to either chop on or store your kettle/toaster/microwave on (and usually has handy space for wine bottles underneath!

Cindy :)

chrrrrrs said...

i'm still here too!!! i haven't been blogging either and was just about to enter a post when i got distracted by reading your blog! congrats on the move!!

chrrrrrs said...

oh and i had a butcher's block as well at my old place. super handy if you don't have enough counter space!

Judy S said...

Moving is bad enough, but downsizing? It's inhumane!