Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New local

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, but we moved this past weekend. Needless to say it's been rough and everything is disheveled. The move and the adjustment into our new home has not been easy. Even after getting rid of, (what I thought), was a lot of stuff during our garage sale, it still wasn't enough. Our new house is totally packed....I mean packed.
Here is our guest room AKA the 'staging' room. What do you do when your staging room is filled? Well you put stuff where ever you can find space. I swear if the producers of Hoarders came in our house right now we would qualify for their show! Small pathways have been made around our stuff.

I actually got the kitchen unpacked tonight, but I have no idea where I put anything. At least now maybe we will be able to make some meals at home. After 5 days of eating out every meal I'm already sick of it. That actually shocks me since we ate out for 4 weeks when we remodeling our kitchen. It took 3 weeks for me to get sick of it then.

We are also still working on our house on Yarrow which is a major reason we haven't had time to unpack our stuff. However we just found out that escrow will not be closing on Friday so that gives us the weekend to finish up and clean Yarrow. I am praying that escrow will close in a couple of weeks. It kills me to think that we could have moved this weekend instead of last. Oh well. There are a lot of things that are out of your control.

**Sorry for any type-os, I'm too tired to proof this.


Sarah said...

Ok I'm going to give you a break because you must be extremely tired and busy, but next time, a couple more pics would be appreciated. I want to see the unpacked kitchen! I bet it's going to be so adorable when you're all unpacked. If you ever get completely unpacked. I know I'm not. :)

Jaymiebeth said...

Hang in there. Change is tough. Just did what you did 10 months ago -- and I am still just putting things away. Luckily, our garage is still our "staging area". Um. Is a garage supposed to be for a car? PS We'll be going through it again in a week and a half when my mom moves to town. Yep. In a house up the hill from us. Craziness, I tell you! Remember ... it is an adventure ... keep it fun :) (even if you have to remind yourself of it every second)

Daniel and Brianne said...

I don't envy you! This is the first year in 5 years I haven't moved at least once...thank goodness we finally bought a house. While I had become an expert packer, I most certainly never got good at the unpacking. Yuck! Good luck. :)

Saraholic said...

Amber, I never proof my blogs.. it's probably pretty obvious.