Thursday, April 8, 2010

Final Decision

It’s official! We have a place to live! We will not be homeless on the streets of SLO. Granted that was never a real concern of mine, but I can’t say the same for my parents.

We actually didn’t get the place on Leff Street that we wanted, which was a TOTAL SHOCKER! By the time we applied for that place we had already been approved for two other places! I have no idea why the dude didn’t pick us…apparently the other coulpe made a better impression. His loss right? Well maybe it’s our loss…of a garage that is.

If you can believe it…we continually saw rentals that kept topping our first choices. On the day where we had made up our mind to rent the house on Ward Street (2 car garage), we decided to see one more house. This house was on Pismo Street, which is a block closer to downtown than the other house that was also close to downtown (Buchon Street, which we had already applied for and gotten accepted).

Once again I entered the house thinking that there was no way this place would be better than the one with the 2-car garage, but I was wrong…for the 3,596th time. Big surprise. This place had a DISHWASHER!!! OMG!!! I could not believe it! It also had a decent size yard and a decent size kitchen with ample cabinets. However it only had one closet. Ummmm have you seen the amount of clothes that I own? That wasn’t going to cut it. John on the other hand was ready to sign the lease that day. Was he serious? Hadn’t we just deicded to take the house on Ward?

We had some decision makin’ to do.

We liked the house on Pimso better than Ward…BUT did we like the house on Pismo better than the house on Buchon? That was the tricky question.

Once again we wrote out another pros and con list, which included all three houses. The main difference between Buchon and Pismo was that Buchon had a cheaper rent. The advantage of Ward over the other two homes, was that it had the 2-car garage. It basically came down to whether or not we would be willing to pay $2400 for the use of a 2-car garage for a year.

Remember…we have a lot of stuff…a lot.

Knowing we could get a storage unit (for a year) for less than $2400, we knew it wasn’t worth it. We decided to go with the house on Buchon…the one we had been approved for over a week ago and luckily it hadn’t been rented to anyone else. In fact the rent actually reduced $50 a month by the time we signed the lease…score!
I am worried that we didn’t get our ‘ideal’ house, but I’m also worried about being a renter again. Last night John told me he had a dream where he was walking to Firestone Grill, (one of our fave restaurants in town, that we will be able to walk to). My dream on the other hand was a bit different For some reason there was a bunch of random people in our house and they kept leaving the front door open. So in rides this kid on a bike. Right into the living room. I yelled at him and told him to get out of here. He acted all innocent because the door was open…like duh! Of course I’m going to ride my bike inside! Well apparently someone else was leaving the back door open, and then I was having issues with the windows/blinds. (I don’t think I could open/close them). Overall it was a very stressful situation/dream.

Needless to say I think our dreams pretty much sum up how we are both feeling about the rental. I do believe that Buchon is the right choice because it is cheaper, has big closets, and has a great location. One of the main reasons of us renting is to save money, and that totally got lost in the process…especially when I saw the 2-car garage.

Don’t worry too much for the MINI…I’m going to get her a MINI car cover. Too bad I couldn’t charge the landlord for that.

We get the keys next week and will start making some trips over there with our gear. That leaves us about 2 weeks from now until the big move, and about 3 weeks left until we hand over our keys. How is that realty almost here when I’ve been avoiding it for the last 2 months? Doesn’t avoidance = stopping of time? Dang. I think my time is up.


Sarah said...

Congrats on the new place! I'm sure you're going to love it!

Jaymiebeth said...

I think the place looks super cute! Can't wait to see photos on the inside... Congratulations!

Saraholic said...

I hope you enjoy your new digs! I'm sure it'll do for now until you buy your "Dream Home" :)

Syddison said...

I am happy you guys finally decided on a place. What a relief to KNOW where you will be living. I think it looks really cute. I can not wait to visit. Maybe a long weekend (no kids)??? Sounds GREEAAAAT!

Judy S said...

This is how I look at the "no garage" situation: at least the washer and dryer are not in the garage! Can't wait to see the new place, but I will miss Yarrow...