Sunday, September 28, 2008

Test Update

This past week I had a bunch of doctor's appointments which ended with a body scan. I had to get my thyroid hormone shots on Monday and Tuesday...then take a small (5 milicuries) radiation pill on Wednesday and then get the body scan on Friday. The test was harmless and easy. This hugest machine took a full length photo of the top part of my body and the bottom. Below is the result:
Does that sum things up for you? Yeah, I bet.
Imagine me laying on the bed like so:
The technician said he didn't see anything unusual, which was good news. However I didn't think he would find anything.

I also got more blood work done on Friday and should find out the results next week. I got the same tests done as I did a few months ago when my test came back positive for thyroid tissue. (Just in case there was some hiccup when I got my first tests.) If the test comes back positive again I will get a PET scan after we get back from our trip. If they find the location of the tissue with the scan then I will probably have another dosage of radiation. However, even if they don't find the tissue from the scan I think I will still have the radiation. (Better be safe than sorry, right?) So the way I'm looking at it is if my blood test comes back positive I will most likely have more radiation.

Even though I haven't been worried throughout this whole thing I was still in a funk on Friday from the scan. I was frustrated that I knew they weren't going to find anything and I felt like it was a waste of time. Test after test and still no answer. I can't wait to find out the labs next week.

Also one of John's childhood friend's dad is dying of colon cancer, who is also one of my dad's good friends. It's so sad to think of what his family and friends are going through.

In lighter news we leave for Italy on Thursday and I can't believe it's already here. So much to get ready for in so little time!

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