Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Last night when John and I got back from our walk we checked out the trap in the car, (the one behind the passengers seat). It still had peanut butter, but it was empty. DANG! Then John shined the flashlight on the back seat and saw the squatter!! John opened up the driver's side door and the little bugger ran across the drivers seat and up under the dash by the pedals!

I was pretty upset that we weren't able to take care of him, but John was more positive saying that at least we had evidence that he was still enjoying his holiday in La Maxima.

Last night I even had a dream that we caught him. I can't remember who it was but I was telling someone how we were trying to catch a mouse in my car and then the person held up a trap with the mouse and said 'oh do you mean this guy?' I know really weird...but even after that positive dream I still feel like we weren't going to catch him and that he was going to out smart us again.

Right when I woke up I went out side to check the scene. I slowly peered into the window to see the trap fully in tack with the peanut butter. I was SO disappointed. At least if the peanut butter had been gone I would have known that he was out patrolling the area during the night. I almost wasn't going to check the trap in the trunk but decided to anyway. I slowly peered into it and saw a big brown body on the trap! I immediately closed the trunk. Even though I was happy we killed the sucker it totally shook me up. I think because I really wasn't expecting to see a little body in there.

I told John and he asked if he was moving, and I told him I didn't know! I barely glanced at him before I shut the trunk. Then I tripped on the fan cord and almost biffed it, which made me realize that I needed to take a few minutes to deal with the shock.


Sarah said...

What's the end of the story? Did John take care of it? Was Fievel the only one stowing away or does he have family?

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you caught him. This is like my nightmare, I hate rodents! Eeeks!
-Sarah V

ersscott said...

That poor little guy was somebody's baby mouse!

Amber said...

Bury him in the back yard - and name him Nissan.

Bri said...

Hopefully that was the only one, don't even like to see those critters, some carry the deadly hanta virus.

Mauleigh said...

Phew! You dodged a bullet on that one. Good thing you didn't have to sell the car. That's what I would have done.

Judy S said...

What? No photo of your wild game? You really
WERE shaken up if you forgot to take a picture!