Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A 5 Year What?

Over the last few years I've become extremely jealous of the advancements in engagement/wedding photography. I can't believe how much is has changed for the BETTER over the last 5 years...and I'm so disappointed that my photos are now totally old school. John and I didn't even get an engagement session with our photographer. (GASP!) We had to settle for Sears. (Don't get me wrong, they turned out as best they could, but I still feel gypped).

One day while I was looking on my Google Reader for more blogs to subscribe to, it suggested a blog from a local photographer. After I read it for a few months, I blogged about it thinking that some of you would enjoy it as much as I did. Well once I did that my cover was blown, and Ken, (the photog), found out that I was in full stalker mode.

Over the next few months I realized that there was NO WAY I should go through life being disappointed that I never got to have the creative fun photo shoot and that I had to do something about it! So, lil' 'ole crafty me decided that John and I needed a 5 year anniversary photo shoot! How brilliant is that? I mean it all makes perfect sense, right? Let me put it to you this way...if we had a kid by now, you know we would have wanted some family portraits taken. Why should I deny myself something I want just because I haven't gone through the hells of childbirth?

John, being the good husband that he is, agreed to have the shoot although he had never heard of a 5 year photo shoot. However he knows me well enough to know how much I love photos...and to do what he is told.

So the date was set a week before our anniversary for the shoot, and let me tell you it was SO MUCH FUN and so much better then I ever expected. I guess I should have been a model? Well I don't like getting my photo taken that much...I just like the end result.

We decided that the location should be downtown SLO since that is a huge part of why we love living here. Ken was game in meeting us super early while the streets were pretty empty. We spent about 2 hours shooting all over. I can't tell you how hard it was for me to restrain myself from asking to see the photos in the camera view finder.

Once Ken started taking photos I could just tell he loved it and was such a pro. You can't ask for a better photographer then that! If you are like me then that is the type of person I like to hire. He was so easy going and even made John feel comfortable, which isn't the easiest task.

Ever since the photo shoot I have been doing my best in not trying to bug Ken about the photos. However I couldn't help myself! I was totally DYING to find out how they turned out...and then this morning he sent me an email titled 'THE HARASSMENT MUST STOP!' Just kidding...but he did tell me that the photos were up on his blog! I cannot tell you how much I love them. I think I've gone back to look at them like 15 times today. They bring a smile to my face every time I look at them.

I really love them all, but I think these might be two of my faves below. I don't know how I'm going to decide which ones to print. I may just have to print them all, and frame them all...all on the same wall. A shrine to ourselves. That is classy isn't it?

Now go over to his blog and check out the rest of the shots here! NOW!


Lori R. said...


I LOVE your photos. #1, #3 & #12 are my faves!

Jessie Ison said...

I got your email and checked out the blog. They are terrific pictures. I love the bubble gum alley pic. Totally SLO!
Jess Ison

Nathan and Emily said...

Amber. I can't even express how much I love these pictures of you guys!!!!!!!! Especially the photo from just the noses up. What a creative, funky, fun, and fabulous treasure. I think this should happen every ten years!

Amber said...

TAG you're it! (go check out my blog http://the-sweeney-family.blogspot.com for details)

PS - loving the new pics!!