Thursday, April 3, 2008

Blogs Galore!

Now that Google Reader is my new form of crack, I must share some of the interesting sites I have come across. I’m also secretly hoping that these sites will sound SO interesting to you that you will then be inspired to try out the Reader and add them to your blog role! Trust me…you have no idea what you are missing.

As of now I have a total of 78 sites I subscribe to. Now before you start imagining me sitting at my computer on the weekends, unshowered, and drooling, just know that Sarah subscribes to 126 sites!!!! I am not alone.

In our defenses…most of the sites we read only update a few times a week, and some have super short entries.

Most of the sites below I have found from other blogs, but I’ve also found quite a few from Google Reader. On the home page they give you website suggestions that they think you would enjoy. (I’ll try to list the full links of the sites, just in case you want to copy and paste them into your Reader.)

I know you think I may use Google Reader just for fun, but I am also trying to stay up with current events. I am subscribed to two newspaper sites:

Humboldt Herald

The Tribune

Ok, so I actually subscribe to 3 newspapers but I’m embarrassed to admit the third…the Cal Poly college newspaper The Mustang Daily. I know, I know...let me tell you that it's definitely not for the high writing quality. However it actually did prove helpful to me today when it had an article about the Cal Poly upcoming football season. John and I are hoping to buy tickets this year and they listed their tentative schedule. I also happened to read a review on an E40 rap concert that was held at The Grad this week. I have no idea why they didn’t write about the concert before it happened, but whatever. I could have totally gone and hung out with the college crowd. I could have blended if I showed enough cleavage and wore a short enough skirt. Anyway, just consider subscribing to your local newspaper or your old hometown paper.

What I Wore Today

Kasmira takes a photo of her outfit everyday.

My 2 cents
At first you may think this site is a bit odd…well that was my first impression…but now I’m totally addicted. I love seeing what Kasmira creates for her daily attire! I am truly becoming inspired by her. I even tried to buy a pair of bright pink pumps from that $1 shoes sale, but when I checked out they told me they didn’t have my size. I would normally never even consider to buy shoes like that, but after seeing how Kasmira is able to match her yellow pumps with just about everything I knew pink couldn’t be that hard! I definitely say give this site about a week, and if you don’t like it, move on…but I have the feeling you will be yearning for your own yellow pumps in no time!

A Year of Crockpotting

Stephanie is making a dish in her crock pot everyday for one whole year

My 2 cents
I’m not sure where I found this site, but it too has totally inspired me! Ok, so I haven’t made any of her dishes yet, but I really want to. It is amazing to see the things that can be cooked in a crock-pot. Bread pudding? Bread? Baked ziti? Boiled eggs? Broccoli Beef? Chocolate fudge pudding cake? Crème brulee? Coffee cake? They are ALL on her site with photos and the recipes!

Found Cameras and Orphaned Pictures

People post lost photos they find and the details of where they found it.

My 2 cents
Have you ever lost a camera or memory card? Well this is the site that could help you locate your lost memories! This is by far one of the coolest blogs that I have found and I think the more people know out about, the more successful it will be. (If you don’t get anything else from the links I post, at least pass this one on to your friends/family.)

Post Secret

People all over the world create their own postcards and then write a secret of theirs on it.

My 2 cents
Ever have a secret that you’ve never told anyone and you are dying to tell someone? Well if so, then this is the site for you! I came across it a few years ago, but then somehow forgot the link. (Where were you then Google Reader?) Despite the great loss, I am so glad it came back into my life! The secrets can really make you think...some happy, sad, and odd.

Orange County’s Family Photographer

Ken Kienow Wedding Photography

Here are two photography blogs. I always love stealing…I mean looking at professional photographers’ work.

I also came across Today’s Creative Blog in which the author posts about a different creative blogs that she finds.

For you Facebook peeps out there, you can also subscribe to your page, so you can receive your email updates in Google Reader as well.

So PLEASE let me know if you start to enjoy any of the above links, AND if you start to use Google Reader!

**Side note: My friend Jen just started her own blog tonight! Check it out here...and of course add it to your Reader!


Judy S said...

Hey, Amber! Give credit where it is due. I am the
one who told you about crockpotting for a year!

I also really like the fashion chick. What was her name? Kashmina? Anyway, it is fun to see what
she creates.

Ken Kienow said...

Dude...totally flattered that you blogged about me. I'll keep the good stuff coming. :)

And from a fellow addict, Google Reader is indeed super awesome!