Wednesday, April 30, 2008

North for the Weekend

This past weekend we took a trip up north to visit Rebekkah and the rest of the Steinbeck family. We had a great time, but it seemed way too short! Adam and John spent the majority of the time working on tiling their shower.

Here is John working on the tile that goes around the knob of the shower. It was quite tedious.

John really enjoyed wearing Adam's 'Indiana Jones' much that he had to get one of his own!
I got recruited into cutting these small triangles for the cool pattern they put in. Rebekkah said I totally look like a hip pottery shop worker. I think she's right! I normally don't look so glamorous on our tile jobs.

Here is the dude's hard work! Doesn't it look great?
John wound up getting a hold of the camera, and took this beauty of a video. Please note that I'm not posting this because of me...but because of the baby!

Rebekkah and I mainly just hung out and took care of the kiddos. It was great getting to see them again, and Addison is getting so big! She is just starting to smile which is so exciting!

I learned that she is a very particular sleeper, AKA she only likes to sleep on her mom! Poor Rebekkah has the hardest time getting anything done when she can only set Addison down for maybe 5-10 minutes max. I was lucky enough to have her zonk out while I was holding her on Saturday night, which enabled Rebekkah to make dinner. I love it when my job is to just hold the baby. I totally got the easy job.

Here Rebekkah is showing us her multitasking abilities.

I also got to play with Syd in her pebble garden, (sand box with pebbles instead of sand). I actually don't have any funny stories from the weekend, which I know is totally unacceptable, but I guess that is what happens when you spend it with a normal family!

Here is a cute video of Addison when she got the hiccups (make sure to watch the belly!):

We did find some time to set up a photo shoot, which is always tradition. This has to be one of my favorite photos. She looks SO cute here! Or totally skeptical of this homemade setup.

Here Addison is wearing a homemade hat and booties. My mom made the hat, so this photo is for you!
Sleeping Beauty

This is one of my faves of the mother daughter photo shoot. Like how they are color coordinated?

I think Addison knows she's in trouble with that look!


Judy S said...

Gas for a trip to Ukiah and back: $100

Eating at burger joints on the way: $66.99

Photos of Addison smiling and laughing: priceless!

You got some really great photos! Isn't there some
contest you could enter (and win)?

Jenna said...

Oh I remember the days when Laina would only sleep on me. Everyone told me to treasure it, but my gosh it was a pain in the butt!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Are you guys for hire?