Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Is that What I think it is?

This past weekend John and I saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I had previously mentioned it before in this post because my sister-in-law worked on it last year. I don’t know how many of you have seen it, but let me just say that there is a fair amount of male full frontal nudity in the film. You heard me…frontal nudity. This was quite shocking at first, but the more it was shown the more I liked it! No…not for that reason you perv…get your mind out of the gutter!

After the movie I told John how glad I was that there was some male nudity in the movie. He asked me if I really wanted to see it. I told him no, I did not have a strong desire to see men flapping in the wind, but it is the whole point of there even being ANY male nudity in a movie.

How many of you can name 5 movies where you see a woman naked? Ok…now try to name 5 that have a man naked. Easy right? WRONG! All I can say is that it’s about time that someone, other then Kevin Bacon, has decided to bite the bullet and show his goods.

Who cares if it’s not the most pleasant to look at? Let’s get some male/female movie nudity equality! Who’s with me?


Sarah said...

You are so right about Kevin Bacon. He really needs to cover that thing up a little more.

Mauleigh said...

Thanks for the warning. So, you're trying to say that Molly had a really easy time with costuming? And sorry sister, I can't vote for more male nudity. I get my kicks above the wastline sunshine.

Lori said...

After reading this post, my husband and I decided to go see the movie last night. (Now you're my Siskel AND Ebert).

I warned him of the full frontal, and then he went on to list several other movies that also included full frontal male thingies, including Sideways (my favorite all-time movie).

Anyway, it turns out that male nudity isn't all that pretty, but the movie was adorable.

Judy S said...

OK, so we saw the movie, too,
and the best part was Sarah
Marshall's current squeeze, the
Rock Star--not the wiener shots!
He stole the show and I don't
even know his name. :( I know
I should Google it. Maybe I will...

Tim19974 said...

Amber, you must be kidding. That is all there is any more in "R" rated movies- male frontal nudity !!!!!!!!!!!!! Please check your facts and you will see that. In fact, it has become so frequent it has become tiresome. I would like to see as much female frontal nudity as male frontal nudity. It is about time !!!!!