Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Prize Please

This past weekend we were really lucky to receive the following two photos via John's bro-in-law's cell phone. We were very excited to get these, as they do not have a computer at home, so we rarely get photo updates. Check 'em out!

Maddy recently lost her first tooth. Here is the evidence:

And here is the letter she wrote for the tooth fairy:


Sarah said...

Looks like she might be losing at least 4 more soon. When they turn green they are probably ready to come out. Or they are just moldy.

Lori said...

Oh how I love the first tooth!!! (My girls were terrified of the tooth fairy, so we alway made notes...

I posted a really cute video on Youtube of my Addie losing her first tooth...here's the address if you get the chance to see it:


She was practically a celebrity in the halls of the local middle school when it first came out, all the kids used to love to watch.

I love playing Scrabble with you, by the way!! (It's your turn...:)

Lori said...


(corrected link!)

Judy S said...

Amber, you play Scrabble? How long has this been going on?