Sunday, April 13, 2008

Calling all Plumbers

I really don't have much to report after this weekend, but I first must ask an important question. Anyone out there good with plumbing? It seems that the cold water in our kitchen sink is now hot. It also sounds like there is some running water in the wall, however we don't see any water leaking out anywhere. We also hear the running water sound in the garage. I had John turn off the water to the house last night and the sounds of running water did stop. Has anything like this ever happened to any of you? I'm probably going to call a plumber tomorrow, but it's all been really unsettling.

Another thing that is really weird, is that our tile, (on the floor), near our dishwasher is really too warm to be heated by sunlight. I'm not sure if the two are connected or not, but something weird is definitely happening to our casa. No me gusta.

Today was a pretty lazy day as we tried not to melt from the heat. We did get in a few good scooter rides, but I was still really hot on the bike with a tank top and flip flops on! That's bottoms...just kidding! I wasn't feeling that risque!

Two nights ago I was still using my electric blanket, and now I'm using our ceiling fan! What the heck? I'm not used drastic weather changes.

Yesterday we did lend our tile knowledge to Jen and Joel, who are tiling their kitchen. I was pretty excited to cut some tile, as I think the last time we laid some was for our kitchen around 2 years ago. Plus it's always fun to work on a job that isn't in your own home. We wound up leaving before all the tile was laid, which was kind of a bummer, but Jen and Joel had it all under control. I can't wait to see it when it's finished! I know it will look so good. It was getting me excited for when we lay the tile in our bathroom. Oh! That reminds me! I do have an update on our bathroom face lift.

Before we helped out with the tile, we went down to Guadalupe to check out this tile place where you can get counter tops made out of their scrap pieces. This was going to be our last try in getting a new counter. The prefabricated ones at the Depot were $450, (which they didn't even have in the size we needed), so we would have been left with getting a custom one, which were $800+...not including the cuts for the sink, the sink, and the installation.

The place in Guadalupe had a huge selection to pick from, however all of the extra slabs were laying on top of each other, so it wasn't the easiest to see all the pieces. However we did find one! I am so excited! It's a white marble with light gray swirls in it. The total cost came to around $600, which was definitely more than I wanted to spend, but after thinking how it is probably half the price of a custom one from the Depot I justified it. I know it is going to look so much better than what we have now. Plus with it being white it will not clash with the toilet. Priorities people!

So hopefully we will be able to get the counter top installed in about two weeks. Then we will need to make a final decision on what tile to buy. John wants to get some new samples once the counter is installed...which is probably a good idea, but I'm getting so antsy! I told him we need to be 100% done with the bathroom by the time our friends come to visit on Memorial Day weekend. So I may have some photos for you by then...but I also need to make the shower curtain...soooooooo you might be waiting a little longer. Sorry!


Anonymous said...

Plumbers are real expensive. I know a cheap one in Oregon. Call Rusigno!

Judy S said...

Sounds like you guys have a broken pipe.
No es bueno.