Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Time to Rock!

I just found out today that the Stone Temple Pilots are coming to the Paso fair!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!! Awhile back I had heard rumors about STP getting back together and possibly playing a few shows. I was praying that they would come and play somewhere in CA so we could try to see them. I guess it's their first tour in 8 years! I think John and I saw them in '96 or '97. Over 10 years ago?? Oh my god! I am so old! Anyway, the concert was SO great! I'm actually surprised I remember it. Geesh! I had paid some extra money through a private ticket company and got John and I 3rd row seats. It was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. In the middle of their set they had a mini acoustic stage drop down from the ceiling where they played a handful of songs. Ah memories….like the corner of my mind…

As I was saying…last week I started hearing the stories about how Velvet Revolver was breaking up. Granted this made me really sad, but if it was a swap for new STP material, then I say go your separate ways you crazy rockers! (For those of you who don't know, the lead singer of VR is Scott Weiland who is originally the lead singer to STP...hence the trade off).

I had been secretly hoping that the Mid State Fair would at least recruit one performer that I'd be interested in seeing this year. It's such a crap shoot I swear, but I've been pretty lucky. Last year we got to see The Bangles for free no less, which was great, and the year before we got to see Velvet Revolver. (We also saw Sheryl Crow and Destiny's Child in previous years). However this year when I heard it was mostly country singers and then John Mayer, I was like...I'll pass thanks. You couldn't pay me to see some of those jokers.

The tickets go on sale in two weeks and I can't wait! I'm really hoping that all their old fans are too drunk/stoned to realize what is going on, so I'll get some great seats. What is even luckier is that we will actually be in town on the weekend they will be playing, AND they will be playing on a weekend! Woo hoo!

You know I started to think…if STP is playing the fair circuit, and they are newly reunited…do you think the New Kids might play the fair as well? One can only hope.


Judy S said...

Well, I guess we will have to be kinder from now on when we talk about Paso, yes?

Good luck getting tix for the STP's. And, oh yes,
maybe the Kids are due for a name change, like,
Old Kids or New Adults...

Sarah said...

I love STP. I listened to their first cd until it broke. Or maybe it was stolen. Probably by my Dad who was tired of listening to it. I should press charges.