Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Childhood is Nice

I received two new photos of Addison the other day, wearing the o’so stylish onesies I gave her. Check them out below:

I also learned this week that GAP now has 'Baby GAP Home' line. Check out this SUPER cute bedding! Like the colors?

I’m not sure when we will be done with our bathroom. Hopefully soon, but John’s parents will be here this weekend, so I doubt much more will get done.

We picked up some tile samples this past weekend, but after looking at them and trying to match them to our existing counter top, I realized that we really should get a new counter. The one we have now is not in good shape. The previous owners were so rough on the house that it’s stained and has some chips in it and just looks worn. Kind of clashes with everything else looking so new. I'm hoping we find something reasonably priced...I mean even if we get plain white it will be an improvement!

Once we’ve decided what to do with the counter then we will be able to go back and pick out the flooring. We don’t have to be too money conscience since the room is so small, so good-bye sale rack and hello custom rack! Ok, so I won’t go that crazy...but it is nice to shop without restrictions.

In a subject totally not related to babies or bathrooms, did you see this photo in the news today??

Yes you are seeing it right…the new kids…er…I mean MEN are back! Can you believe it? Even after all the rumors I still thought there was no chance of a reunion happening.

They look almost as good as the Spice Girls did in their reunion photo! I mean it’s a pretty big improvement wouldn’t ya say? I don't know why Jordon looks so constipated...or why Jonathan looks like he' rather be anywhere than there...I really hated Donnie's 'tough guy' phase.

Now all you ladies need to go out and find your black-rimmed hats and bring that style back! I’m sure Joe would appreciate it.


Sarah said...

I bet you still have their Christmas tape somewhere in an old shoe box. Go bring it out and listen to "I'll Be Missing You Come Christmas." It will be a nice change of pace from "Hangin' Tough."

Jalene said...

Hey Amber,
I got baby Quinn's bedding from Gap. They aren't selling it any longer, but I love can see snippets of it on the blog. Well made stuff, poop and pee wash out really easily. Have you thought of concrete countertops? You can pour them yourself and either add stain to the mix, or stain it once it's dry. If it turns out ugly, you're not out much money, although it's a heavy mistake to remove.