Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Serenity Now

The plumbing problem is now fixed and I now have hot water in the kitchen! Yeah! I mean I was totally going through withdrawals not being able to do dishes. My livelihood was totally in the crapper.

I drove home like a mad woman today, cutting off who knows how many of my neighbors. I only got flipped off once, so I'll take that as a success. I ran inside and scanned the back splash and the all looked good. Then I looked up and saw this:
I really am thankful that that is the only thing we have to repair. Although I was secretly hoping that he wouldn't have to open any part of the wall. I think because the roof line on that part of the house is at a sharp angle he wasn't able to get his equipment in the wall. The total cost was around $875, but I'll have to call him tomorrow to see if the leak was 'sudden accidental' or 'wear and tear.' If it was sudden accidental then we can submit a claim with our insurance. I really hope it was, as I'd like to be able to afford food next week.

So now that the leak is no more I can finally relax a little bit. I didn't realize how stressed out this whole thing made me. Tonight however I had to clean the kitchen, as there was a nice thin layer of dust over everything in the kitchen. Here is a photo of all of my dirty dishes. Yeah right! I don't eat that much! There are also dishes that I had to take out of the dishwasher.
If you click on it and enlarge it, check out the counter. You can see the plumbers hand print in the dust. Too bad I don't have a construction theme kitchen , or I could have totally left it as is.

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Judy S said...

You guys can fix that sheetrock. No prob! You
can put the same pieces back, but don't wait
to do it b/c they can warp and then they won't fit.
Or you can find a handy man with some spare
sheet rock and beg a couple of pieces off him.