Monday, April 14, 2008

Plumber to the Rescue

I started out today pretty optimistic. I got a good plumber reference from my boss and I'd be meeting him at my casa around lunch time. Things were looking good...until I talked with Jen...who informed me that her mother-in-law had a leaking pipe which caused her tile floor to heat up. That is right...they had to rip out her tile floor to get to the leak. Everything she said after that just became a blur and all I could imagine was all the blood, sweat, and tears that John and put into the floor getting destroyed. I would just die if anything would ever happen to that floor. Of all the rooms in the WHOLE house it had to be the kitchen? The one room I do not want anything to happen to?

Jen told me to stay positive and hope that maybe they might be able to fix it in another way. Boy was I glad I listened to her! The plumber did give me two options, and one was of course to go through the floor, but the other was to reroute a new pipe through the ceiling and down the wall behind the dishwasher. He gave me all the worse case having to cut a hole in our cabinet...having to cut a hole through the dry wall in the ceiling...possibly damaging the tile back splash. Let me tell you that they all sounded fine with me, as long as they would not be touching the floor.

He said he'd come back after lunch to try to locate the leaking pipe and stop the water from flowing through it. I got home tonight and I'm pretty sure he found it with no problem as nothing seems to have been torn up, and the water has been turned back on. So I'm hoping he will be able to return tomorrow and be done with the job! So please keep all your fingers crossed for me out there that, A) He will finish the job tomorrow and B) that the leak will be ruled accidental so that our insurance will pay for some of it!

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Judy S said...

I hope your insurance will cover it. Fingers are
crossed in Fortuna.