Monday, April 28, 2008

Cutie Puties

Hey all! We had a great weekend in Ukiah, but I don't have any time to post any more photos tonight, since we just got Mario Kart in the mail today. Duty calls!

Lovely Ladies in Green
This turned out a little blurry because Addison is in her swing. This is one of the few smile photos I got though.

Such a cutie!


Lori said...

Nothin' cuter than an Addison and Sydney!!

They are adorable!

Sarah said...

They are so cute! But I understand the lure of Mario Kart. I played mine all night...and I still suck. I need tips from a pro. Do you think John could give me some? :)

Judy S said...

How ADORABLE! The smiling one is great
even tho it is blurry. Love it! Those girls
make the photographer look like a pro!