Thursday, April 24, 2008

They Have Nothing to do with Each Other

My mom sent me this mouse agility video today, and I HAD to share it! It’s so silly to think someone spent the time to create such an elaborate course.

My good friend Jaymie is a Pampered Chef consultant, (in Washington), and she recently gave me the link to her online store. THIS IS IN NO WAY TO TRY TO RECRUIT PEOPLE TO BUY THINGS FROM HER. This is solely for your records if you ever need it! I thought it might be handy if you don’t know of a consultant, you can order straight from her website. She has gotten me quite a few freelance jobs, so this is the least I could do for her.

My friend Sarah shared an article through Google Reader the other day that featured this item:

I can't tell you how many times I've let a good picture go simply because I didn't think it was appropriate to point the camera directly at the person I wanted to shoot. Well, it looks like my days respecting others is over: this spy right angle lens adapter works on all SLR cameras and acts as a mirror for the lens which means the photographer can take a photo of a Star Jones look-alike (pre-surgery) dressed in neon green pants, a white crochet half-top, and hot pink spike heels while pointing the camera at a pool table on the other side of the room! Dudes, this totally would have come in handy for me last weekend.

Is this not the coolest? I cannot tell you how useful this would have been to have at all the weddings I’ve gone to. I normally have to have John do a fake pose so I can really get a photo of the person behind him. Do not think this is mean or rude! See for yourself! These photos were a must!

This lady was sitting like a real lady...ok, so it was like 1000 degrees, so I will cut her a little slack.

I had never seen a neon flame shirt before, that is why this was a must. If I only had the spy cam, I could have cut John completely out of the photo!

Her shoes totally matched her dress! I thought it was too cute. (See! Some of my spy photography is used towards good!)

Sometimes you need to capture good cleavage.

These are the shoes of someone we actually knew! I had no idea her second job was a stripper!

These totally did not go with her dress...and no...the wedding was not in a barn...or in Humboldt. Those would have been the only way they would have been acceptable.

I think this one speaks for titself, I mean ITSELF!

Ok, so I must admit that I didn't realize how many spy photos I have taken! I can even think of a few others that I don't have on this computer! I can't believe I am actually posting these as well. Oh geesh.


Sarah said...

Titself = genius!

And I love the Olympic music playing for the mouse. I bet he could totally beat mice from other countries.

Jalene said...

I love the little mousy. I can see why he's so fit and trim. If I were a mouse, I'd be the fat one, going under, not over and there better be a piece of cheese waiting at the end, not a hand picking me up.

Amber said...

OMG this is awesome! I cracked up!!!!! LOVE IT!

Judy S said...

I want to thank whomever sent me
the mousie vid, b/c I can see it
made a big hit!

As for the voyeuristic photos taken
by my daughter, does she ever fear
the objects of her derision may one
day discover this blog?

It was pretty funny, though, and I
L'd OL. I hope this doesn't make me an accomplice.

Judy S said...

PS: What's that crap about how it wasn't in a barn or in Humboldt County?