Monday, February 25, 2008

Google Reader Rocks

I must admit…I put ‘Oprah?’ as the title to my last post just to see if I’d get any more hits on my blog. I know it’s quite pathetic. Since I added the new counter on the blog I can now find out what words people search for when they find my blog. It is really quiet interesting.

Remember when I received 150+ hits on my blog a few days in a row, and I had no idea why? Well after receiving quite a few hits for ‘mini horse security’ I decided to pull out my Sherlock Holmes hat to see what I could find. Guess what? The day before I received all of those hits was the day I had posted this entry w/ the word ‘Slash’ in the title. So this whole time I thought my blog had made it to the big time, it was all these hard-core rockers searching for Slash! Talk about a blow to my ego!

So I tried ‘Oprah’...that should be a pretty common Googled word right? Wrongo bongo. Not one person has stumbled upon my blog due to that title! What a bust!! I definitely need to work on my creative title skills.

The most popular search has been for “mini horse security.” I couldn’t believe that my site is the first link listed?? That is crazy! Looks like Rob needs to buy that domain name ASAP.

A few other searches that have brought up my blog have been:

college is awesome
free supercutie stephanie
cheerleader "boy dressed"
greeter at best buy
saw neighbor nude

Unfortunately there haven’t been that many interesting/scandalass searches. Maybe I should start writing about more juicer topics, and see how many people out there search for ‘naked office photos.'

Switching gears...

I also just learned about Google Reader from another blog that I stalk. Do you use it? If not, and you read a lot of blogs, then YOU MUST START USING IT! It is really great and will save you all sorts of time…or give you more time to read blogs (as John puts it). Here is the concept…you enter all of the blogs that you read in the program, and then it notifies you when the blogs have been updated! It’s that simple! It totally cuts out all the time that you would normally spend checking each blog. However if you do enjoy doing that, then you could also use it as a way to keep track of all the blogs you read. I’m sure you’ve all stumbled upon a blog before and then couldn’t find it again, right? Now you can just enter it in your reader and never have to worry about finding it again!

I do think you need to have a gmail account to use the reader. If you don’t have an account I know you must want one because it’s what all the cool people use, (not to mention it has as great chat). If that is the case, then it’s the perfect time to sign up for one! Once you sign up...have your friends sign up, and then you can share blog/news entries with each other.

At least take the time to check it out and learn about it. I really do love it…and of course I want you as my reader friend!


Lori said...

I'm obsessed with my google analytics. I can't help but check everyday to see if I have any readers out there. I have one from London, who visits me all the time, and found me through You Tube!! (Kinda creepy, but a little cool, all at the same time)
I subscribe to blogs too, and just figured it out. I can just browse my toolbar and it shows me who updates.

Technology, isn't it the best???? :)

Sarah said...

My best google search was "penis cookie decorating" and I'm #2 on the list.

Sarah said...

My other best google search was "guinness world record biggest boobs"