Wednesday, February 27, 2008

38 Weeks

This past weekend we headed up to Ukiah to visit Rebekkah and her family one last time before Lil’ S’more makes his/hers debut. It was a total mellow weekend, but we make time to get pampered.
Here is Sydney getting her first pedicure:

The end results:

We also spent sometime playing dress up in Syd’s room:

The dudes were also working on the back room while we were playing. We decided to go check the progress. Here is a funny video of John teasing Syd:

I also researched funny onesie sayings and made some iron on transfers for the baby.

In addition to the onesies, I was also able to finish the baby blanket for Lil’ S’more and the mini version for Sydney’s new baby doll.

Here are the finished products:

A detail of the photo squares: (I wanted to include photos that would somewhat chronicle the 9 months before the baby was born).

The image on the left is what I put on the back of the big blanket, and the image on the right is what I put on the back of Syd's blanket:

I was pretty happy with how the printable fabric turned out. I didn’t rinse it after I printed it, so I’m hoping if it ever gets washed the ink won’t run or fade. When Rebekkah opened the big blanket she got excited, which got Syd excited and she started asking if it was for her, so I had to quickly remind her that the smaller blanket was for her. Let me tell you that that kid is getting smarter! She was happy to inform me that her blanket did not have gray on it, or photos. What a stinker! I’m definitely going to have be more on my game when giving this kid stuff!

So I recevied the following email from Rebekkah today with the following photos...(I'm telling ya that kid is getting too smart!).

So, I think Sydney LOVES the new gear you provided. I could barely get the onesies out of the crib before she jumped in to COVER up with "My Blanket from AMBER!!!" I told her that this big one is for the baby in my belly and that the other one with her picture on it is for her baby NEWY. She said, NO MAMA!! Amber made this for me, picture is on here 2 times!! I was cracking up. Here she is playing peek-a-boo with HER blanket!!


Mauleigh said...

So much happend in this blog! Yeah, Syd Vicious needs to know you have to take everything from your younger siblings == even before they are born -- or they might get upidy. And no like an updiy sibling.

Judy S said...

Amber, you are really toast! You had better get busy on a bigger quilt with MORE photos than the baby's quilt.

Where did you get the cute sayings on the onesies??

Anonymous said...

Very nice job. RC looks like she is ready to pop!

Sarah said...

Amazing quilts! I'm so impressed. When do I get mine??