Wednesday, February 20, 2008


A week in-between posts?? Eek!! What has happened you may ask? Well nothing tragic which is good, and although I would have liked to have been home these past days eating bon-bons and catching up on all of my DVRed Oprahs, that was not the case.

This past long weekend John and I ventured to Colorado to visit some friends and to check out the vibe of the state. We got home at 11pm last night = no blog for you! (Read it in the tone of the Soup Nazi).

I’m even pressed for time as I type this as I have to finish my latest sewing project by Thursday night as I will be seeing the recipient of the gift on Friday. Nothing like cutting it close!

So I truly hope there will be a Colorado post in your near future, but it all depends on how fast I can sew tonight. Maybe I will channel Christian (a la Project Runway) and sew like the wind. (I couldn't find any vids with him sewing like the wind, but I hope you will enjoy these tid bits).


Lori said...

That Christian...

I hate to admit that I love him and I love to say I hate him.

Sarah said...

I completely agree with Lori!

And you really need to work on your hair if you want to channel Christian. I think the crazy spikey things give him super powers.

Daniel and Brianne said...

Ah yes! I just love Christian! Can't wait to read all about Colorado!