Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mustangs in the House

This past weekend John and I went to the last men's home Cal Poly basketball game. The game was mediocre since we lost, but I thought I'd share the other non-game related highlights.

During one of the time outs a campus organization that tries to emphasize 'responsible drinking' to the students came out on the floor. They threw out some t-shirts, but only to the student side! I was so mad! I totally wanted one, and was willing to take down whomever was sitting next to me to do it.

Anyway...they had a contest with two people who were shooting free throws. They had 30 seconds to make as many as they could, and then after the 30 seconds were up they would have to put on 'beer goggles.' It was SO funny! You wouldn't believe how off they were when trying to make the baskets! It was really clever, however I'm not sure how many students will really try to drink more responsible after that. I think they may have sparked more interest in purchasing the goggles instead.

At half time they brought an old guy out on the court to see if he could make a half court shot for PIZZA FOR A YEAR from Domino's. The first shot he took was an air ball but he was barely short...then the second shot he totally made!! It was so exciting! He was also shooting the ball underhand which was totally impressive. I wonder if all his life he practiced the half court shot to one day get the chance to be a winner. I'm sure he was hoping that he would win something a bit more exciting, like cash or a new car. Maybe he can take his game to the streets and starts hustling.

They also honored two all-state or all-division, (I can't remember), football players at half time. One guy didn't show, but the other did, and it was our favorite player Ramses Barden! We were pretty stoked, and it seemed like the rest of the crowd felt the same. What really topped it off was as he was leaving the court, he asked one of the ball boys for a ball and then drained a three pointer!! Like it was nothing! I was really hoping that he was going to come out of the locker room in uniform after the half, but it didn't happen.

I had a nice guy sitting to my left that would often complain or give me his two cents. At one point he was leaning forward talking to the peeps in front of us, and CP had barely missed a shot, so I made some sort of angst sound, and his wife looked over at me and said 'Isn't that so frustrating? That just seems how our luck is going.' What kills me is that I know she thought I was another wife dragged to a ball game by her husband...but little did she know that she should have been talking to John!


Sarah said...

Was this about basketball, baseball, or football? I think it was about basketball, but honestly I'm really only interested in sports with more excitement. Like rugby or diving. I need the threat of real violence to stay focused. Oh and gymnastics. That's a deadly one.

Anonymous said...

I love Ranses or Ramey or whatever he is called.

Judy S said...

I think the action around the court is the most interesting!