Monday, March 10, 2008

The Time Has Come!

So I got the word…Rebekkah will be induced at 8am on Wednesday!!! I am SO EXCITED!!!! I had a tinsy winsy bit of doubt that I might not make it, but for the last few days I have only thought the following: “I will make be there for the birth.’ “I will only miss one day of work.” And what do you know? Thanks to The Secret it is totally going to come true! It really could not be more perfect. I will be able to drive up north tomorrow after work, and still be able to attend my doctors appointment tomorrow afternoon. Then I will most likely be able to drive home Wednesday evening after the birth and be back for work on Thursday! Isn’t it perfect?

I guess Rebekkah had an ultra sound and non-stress today and the baby looked fine. She was a bit concerned that the baby may not have enough amniotic fluid, but it all looks good.

Who knows if I’ll be able to post when I get back, but let me tell you that it’s times like these where I really do need a lap top! I could totally be blogging updates during the delivery…or even better have a live web cast! Yeah...I’m sure Rebekkah would love that!


jenna said...

looks like the time came and went - where are our pics, oh faithful blogger?

Judy S said...

I will loan you my laptop if you like. Notice I
said LOAN and not GIVE!