Sunday, March 30, 2008

Salsa Shower Anyone?

This morning John and I headed to one of our favorite breakfast placed in town, The Breakfast Buzz. We were able to get there pretty early and beat the hung over college crowd. Everything went very smoothly...John and I each got our regular dishes and we even had one of our favorite waitresses. Granted we don't know her name, but she is always smiling and friendly... not what you really except from a college student that early in the morning...on a weekend no less.

As I was getting ready to write out my check, (yes...they only accept cash or check, and no we were not in Los Osos), our waitress came over to clear some of our plates. John loves his breakfast burrito so much that all he had on his plate a full container of salsa.

I'm not sure what happened when our waitress picked up his plate, but all of the sudden out of the corner of my eye I see the plate start coming right towards my face! Luckily she hung on to the plate, but the cup of salsa went FLYING AT MY HEAD! It totally happened in slo-mo and all of the sudden I was staring at splattered salsa on my plate and I felt something wet on my face! John looked at me and started laughing and then I started laughing as I was in total shock and embarrassed! What a scene!

The waitress felt SO bad and kept apologizing, but I told her it was ok. She left to go get a towel and in the mean time I looked down at my collar and saw a huge pile of salsa just staring back at me. So I leaned over and flicked the color to get it off, and it went SHOOTING over and sprayed this other guy's leg!! I felt SO bad!!! He just started laughing and told the waitress, when she came back, that now I knew what it felt like! He was totally right!!

There was a huge drop of salsa on my leg and it was all over my check book. Luckily it did not get in my purse. I think if it had then I would have been mad. I guess there was a ton of it in my hair but the waitress did her best in trying to wipe it out. John said it was pretty funny to watch. She said we didn't have to tip her, and I was tip? What about a free meal? I once got a free meal when I found a metal can lid in a salad, and let me tell you a salsa shower is WAY worse.

We did of course tip her, but I think if a manager had been there we could have gotten the meal for free. I do think she was lucky that I wasn't some crotchety old bitty. Imagine that! I could just see some old hag yelling at her until she made her cry.

I tried to get a couple of battle photos, but they didn't come out that good. I didn't realize until I took my coat off that I had two huge salsa spots on my back! John said that I probably wasn't that mad because I knew I'd be able to blog about it. WHATEVER!


Sarah said...

So I'm dying to salsa good for your hair? Makes it all shiny or something? These must be a benefit other than fodder for the blog.

Judy S said...

This is pretty good blog fodder, I have to admit.

Remember last time I was in SLO and we were at
Big Sky and the waitress splattered me with ranch
dressing? Do you see a pattern here? I know I will
definitely keep my purse closed when I am eating out
with Amber in the future.

Amber, I recommend you invest in Soilove stain remover. It's cheap and works really well