Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Blinded by the Color!

This week has turned into a crazy week and it’s only Tuesday! What the heck? There are actually three important items causing me to lose a tiny bit of my sanity each minute. Aren’t you dying to know what they are? I’m sure you are hoping that they are really interesting and ground breaking, but I’m afraid they aren’t. Two really aren't that exciting...one...John's b-day is this weekend so I'm preparing for that, and...we got an extra guitar for Guitar Hero, and it is AWESOME!!!! Awesome as in fun, but not awesome in that nothing is getting done around the house and I'm getting to bed super late because we are always playing. Due to the massive amounts of shredding that took place this past weekend it resulted in a very slow start to a new home improvement project...the guest bathroom.

We decided to give it a much needed fact lift. We are basically changing everything except the shower/tub and the vanity. However we will be painting the oak of the vanity and mirror a dark brown color. We are hoping it works (a neighbor of ours did it), but if it doesn’t we don’t care since it’s a little dated. (Like I would appose to getting a new one?)

Anyway we had one of our typical marathon trips to the depot, which I didn’t mind too much because A) we haven’t had one of those in about 6 months (thank god), and B) I got to pick out all the fun stuff…like a new light fixture, new paint, and all of the bathroom hardware. (New flooring and toilet are still to come!)

I had decided on a light green color about a month ago that will match the shower curtain we use. It all seemed to be going good until we finished the first coat last night and realized that our hallway is practically the SAME SHADE! How the heck did this happen? Then John reminds me how almost every room has green in it, and how he knows I love green so much that he was surprised that I didn’t marry it. WHATEVER! I don’t even like green! I have no idea how the other greens got in the house. Needless to say I am pretty miffed. I like a variety of bold colors in my house, and all this green is not cutting it!

I then started to wonder why I hadn’t chosen a nice soft yellow. That is another color that would have matched the shower curtain and we used that color in our old condo. Dang dang dang! I was so mad at myself.

Then my color blind husband asked me what color goes with dark brown…orange? Yes ORANGE!! Can you just imagine how good that will look? John was thinking of a lighter orange, but I had to tell him if we went that route then it would be peach, and I did not want it to match our kitchen. Enough with the matching already! I'm thinking more of a rusty/burnt/terracotta orange.

I went back to my favorite hardware store tonight to pick up some new and improved orange paint swatches. We will see what color we decide on. I'm hoping for a medium shade...I think John’s worried that I might want to go this route:

But even if I do…will he be able to tell?


Sarah said...

No video of the shredding? I'm a little disappointed in you. But then I guess you'd need someone to work the camera since you two are busy grinding it up. I'll expect some videos in a later post.

Daniel and Brianne said...

Hey, I actually like the route in the picture...if only for one wall. But then again its warm outside so those colors just look beautiful to me. Come December...I probably wouldn't like it so much.
Wow, I bet you really couldn't move forward until I gave you my "expertise" on color choices. Teehee! But I will say I think a burnt orange would be awesome year round. How fun! Now I wanna paint something!
Happy remodeling! :)

Judy S said...

Did you decide on brown and pink for the bathroom or am I catching hallucinations from Mom?

Really, John probably wouldn't have known it was green until you told him. There are definite advantages to having a color-blind hubby. You could get away with a lot in the color dept!