Sunday, March 23, 2008

So Tastey

So this weekend went by way to fast for me, and now I feel like I'm fighting some sort of cold. I thought it was just my allergies on Saturday but the sneezing and runny nose also came with a sore throat. Sore throats aren't normally caused by my allergies to almost anything green. Soooo due to my laziness and spending most of my time working on the guest bathroom, you only have this week entry of the cake I decorated for my work's St. Patty's day potluck.

As some of you know I've decorated a few cakes in my time. The one above will not be in my decorating portfolio. This was probably one of the easiest cakes I had ever done and all my co-workers were so impressed! Well they acted impressed...maybe they were just trying to be nice. Anyway I felt really weird accepting their complements on a cake a 10 year old could probably create. I'm definitely going to have to kick it up a notch for our next potluck. I was going to make a cake for our Halloween potluck last year but I ran out of time. I remember a cake that was made for a cake walk one year during an elementary school carnival. It was a grave yard with a picket fence and open graves dug out. It even have little piles of cake next to the grave holes as dirt. Hopefully this year I'll be able to make it and really knock the socks off my co-workers!


Mauleigh said...

Any cake that dosen't use a Baby Ruth as a topping, is a great cake.

Judy S said...

WEll, I say start out simple and work up to something spectacular (or spooktacular). That way they will
always be amazed at how you just keep getting better and better. I remember doing that in an English class in college b/c the prof told us if we showed improvement in our writing, she would base our grade on how much we improved. So, I started out just typing a rough draft and handing it in. Guess who aced the class? Yep, and I'll bet the prof never knew!