Thursday, March 6, 2008

Still waiting...

No baby…still waiting…although it is a good thing. Imagine if I didn’t get to see the finale of Project Runway last night! Oh the horror! I cannot tell you how excited I was that Christian won!!! He (like the rest of America) is my total fave. Rami’s collection was pretty good, but I totally thought he was going to win when Michael Korr’s only complaint was that he didn’t like his color palette. Come on! That is barely an issue. I just reread this entry (my first one on PR which has been getting over 100 hits the last few days), and I had to laugh at my Christian comments. And actually I now don't think his first outfit was that bad. Maybe his attitude affected my fashion goggles a little more than I thought.

As I was saying…now is the perfect time for Rebekkah go into labor. How perfect you may ask? Well let me tell you the top ten reasons why NOW it is perfect for her to push a watermelon out of pea sized hole:

10. I will most likely only have to miss one day of work. (You know how stingy I am with my PTO.)

9. John will be able to make the drive with me. (Like I really want to do all the driving? That is what my husband is for! Well one of the reasons.)

8. I will not have to rush back the next day to get to work. (I was planning on possibly not showering or fixing my hair depending on how much time I had. You know my co-workers don’t want to see that!).

7. I will most likely get to spend more than an hour with the baby. (Even though I will probably have to wrestle the grandmas, grandpas, and the dad to the ground, it will be worth it).

6. I’d get a three day weekend! (How sweet would that be?)

5. We might able to take our time on the way back home to stop off at Roxie’s for a deli sando or at Johnny’s in Gilroy. (You know we never pass up a chance for a good meal…and you know I’m gonna have an appetite after all that pushing…I mean photo taking!)

4. If the baby is born on Friday or Saturday I will be able to make it back for my book club meeting on Sunday morning. (Total priority people…don’t even laugh).

3. No rush hour traffic to deal with on Saturday. (I really don’t want to be cussing everyone out on the drive. That can’t be good for my mojo).

Ok, so I thought it would be easy to come up with 10, but it totally wasn't! Sorry....add the top two in the comments if you desire!


Sarah said...

#2 If the baby is born before Sunday, he/she can enjoy a couple of days/hours before we go into Day Light Savings time. Give the little one a taste of how dark it can be at 6pm then yank it away.

#1 She/he can vote on the losers on American Idol. I'm not voting so there's an opening for voters.

Judy S said...

What? The top 8 reasons?