Thursday, November 15, 2007

Are you 'In' or 'Out'?

Well? What did you think? Did you love it like I did? I am SO excited Project Runway is back! There was so much to take in that I don’t even know where to start!


I really love and hate the first few episodes…love it because you get to see so many designs…hate it because there isn’t enough time within the hour to learn about all of the designers. As of now I only know one contestant by his name, and it’s Christian. (The youngest dude). All I have to say is that he reminds me of a young version of Santino! Although he seems he could be a bit funnier. However… what was that crap that he created?? That was one of the worst looking tops/skirts I have ever seen! And the judges LIKED it? Are you kidding me?

Let me say that I am SO glad he didn’t win. If he had won the first challenge, (like Santino), he would become totally unbearable! I was starting to doubt my fashion sense, (when they were bragging about his doggie-esqe jacket,) but I was relived when they awarded bald contestant #1 the winner. I loved that draping he did! He is definitely going to be one of the best designers. I mean he’s already designing for Hollywood peeps…you know he knows what he is doing.

I was totally surprised that Mrs. Earth Wind and Fire did not get the boot. What was that bushel of crap on the back of her dress? Maybe if she was designing for Bjork it would be ok, but not for Heidi!

I think the only reason she didn’t get alphfetweswianed was because the dress was made out of one piece of fabric…that impressed the judges. (Ok that was John’s 2 cents, and he was right).

So I must comment on bald contestant #2. did you notice that he was wearing a boring collared polo shirt? When they first showed him (for a split second), I really didn’t think I saw what I thought I saw. So I was going to give him another chance. Maybe that was his traveling attire? Second shot (a total of 3 seconds), he was wearing ANOTHER plain collared shirt! This guy looks more like a golfer than a fashion designer! Then John reminded me that he works in a museum! Where did they find this guy? Now I know why he didn’t get any air time!

I was totally surprised that this dress was one of the top ones:

That flower totally kills it for me, and the judges liked it! It looked tome like she was worried about making a plain black dress and decided to add the flower at the last minute to give it some flare.

How did this dress not rank low? It fits the model like a sac of potatoes! Totally unflattering! It looked a lot worse on the runway, because the main material was very stiff. I did like how she matched the red shoes though.

Most of the time I don’t notice the models, (that’s John’s job), and he pointed out to me how some of them were SO bad! There were a few that looked like they had never been on a runway before! John swore that one of them was even a man.


Sarah said...

I completely agree with all your comments on the show. Thanks to you I was able to catch the replay tonight at 6pm and thank goodness I did. The whiner that got the boot totally deserved it. She didn't even execute her crappy design and complained about lack of time. She had the same amount of time as everyone else. Too bad they couldn't ditch 2 designers because I really wanted Earth-freak to go. Hopefully next week!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree on that plaid outfit. When I saw it, I just said, "Yuck" which pretty much says it all. I think that reason the earthy girl is still on is because she is so entertaining and weird to watch...When she started sewing the outfit on herself, it was just too strange to even comment on. I have to admit when she started putting grass stains on the fabric, it made me think that she might have some usual, yet creative ideas.....

Anonymous said...

Judy says...

I am surprised at you girls! You didn't agree with the judges? I agreed on the plaid jacket (love it!) and the big a-- flower on the black dress. I wanted grass-stain mama to get the boot, too. Oh, well. 2 out of 3 isn't bad.

Actually, that jacket is kind of a retro look. I have a deja vu feeling about it. Like I saw it somewhere in the 60's...