Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Was my map on the fritz?

Thanks to my handy map to the left I found out that 53 of you checked my blog yesterday!!! I almost fell off my seat when I saw that number! Was the Belize entry really that interesting? Who are you people? I can seriously think of about 8 people that might check the blog regularly... Jen, Sam, my mom, my dad, Sarah V., Sarah D., Lori, Maggie, Molly A., Jenna, Stephanie, ..... that is it! I was truly ecstatic when I saw how many people. I think the last highest number was 32. I know most of you don't leave comments, (which is totally fine!), but please feel free to comment if you want. Even if you don't know me, feel free! I was chatting with Sarah today and she made the comment that non-bloggers have no idea how exciting it is to get a comment on your blog...which is totally true!

I've been working on the second Belize entry and while I ws palnning out which photos to use I forgot about my videos! I have one video that would fit with my previous entry. It was taken
on our flight there. I'll try to post the next entry tomorrow. I still need some time. Until then please enjoy!


Anonymous said...

judylscott says:

Great 360 with the video cam!! I love it!!

Why won't google let me sign on?

Sarah said...

I love how John feels the need to perform for the camera. He knows his audience is waiting for it and he never fails to entertain.

That plane is seriously tiny. How many oompa loompas could fit in that thing?

SammyCakes said...

You had your own private plane - just like a celebrity!