Thursday, November 8, 2007

It's Possessed

193? 193? 33 more peeps checked this site yesterday? My Youtube highest views is still at 27, so I’m still not a total believer.

I’ve come up with another theory. If you are reading this site right now, please go to That link is to my design website. If you all go to that site then I will a more reliable way to track my visitors. I won’t know for sure, as I get traffic summaries each month. So I may have to wait a few weeks. But it could be worth a try! I'm getting desperate!

My profile has only got two new views yesterday, and I’m sure one of them was myself. So the mystery continues...are you getting board of this subject yet? Am I causing visitors to stop coming here because I keep talking about it? Should I find something more interesting to talk about? Like the lame Writers Guild Strike? Yeah I know...we all want more money, but I want my TV shows! What am I going to do if I don't get my weekly dosage of The Office? Do something productive with my time? Clean my bathroom counter that hasn’t been cleaned in 2 months? Yeah right! I’m gonna try to enter that puppy in the Guinness World Book of Records!

I guess I could always become the household master at Guitar Hero and kick John’s butt. (I’m really lucky this is not a mutual blog and can post freely).


Sarah said...

I clicked on your other website and I really have to say it's just not as exciting as this blog. I'm not sure I'll be going back there. No videos...No vaca pix... If that site was trick or treating, I'd be forced to give it raisins. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

judylscott says: Just so you will know a real person was here, I am leaving this message and I will go to your website, although Sarah is talking me out of it.

An ex-student of mine got her flute flattened by a school bus and her mother called me about finding a new flute. So I gave her the Internet address of the company I have used in the past and the guy answering the phone told her they have ONE flute. She asked him, "Have you guys heard of Christmas?" I told her to call tomorrow morning just to make sure some bozo wasn't just funning with her.

Anonymous said...

judylscott says:

Hey, Amber! I double-clicked on your map and no one in Siberia and only two peeps in Africa have been on your blog! What's the prob?

PS: make this 3 times I have been here.