Thursday, November 1, 2007

Moo For Me!

We had a great time last night harassing, oh I mean giving out candy to the kiddies. Unfortunately we did not have as many trick-or-treaters as we did last year, and I blame the delay in day light savings. At first I thought it was a great idea…but when we didn't get our first trick-or-treater until around 6:30pm I thought it was crap!

I had a small group of friends come over, all baring candy, so it made for a great night. We had plenty of candy…enough so that I wasn't stressed out if my guests want to eat some. I was very thankful everyone brought candy as it's much more fun to hand out 2 or 3 pieces, vs. one small piece.

Here are some highlights:

One of the very first trick-or-treaters was a werewolf. I had opened the door w/o the bowl of candy (it was on the table), and when the werewolf saw the bowl, he made a total bee line! He didn't even care that he was entering in a strangers house!

One of my favorite costumes was a little boy dressed up as Rattatouie. Basically any small kid dressed up as an animal was my fave. There were a few cute ninja turtles, an elephant and a ducky. Another cute animal was a small boy who we thought was a cow. As I was letting his dad get candy he started yelling 'No, no, no, no, no!' I had no idea why he was acting like he didn't want any candy. What was wrong with this kid? It's not like I was trying to give him my raisins! It wasn't until today that when I talked with Sam that she told me that they were trying to get the kid to 'moo.' Seems harmless right? Wrooooooooooooong. When the kid turned to leave we saw his tail and he was a skunk and not a cow! The poor kid, we were causing him to have an identity crisis!

There were a lot more adults dressed up this year… NOT to mention how many parents were actually collecting candy! I bet I had about 10 parents getting candy. One parent had a mask on and was trying to act like a kid!

One reoccurring them throughout the night was a lot of 'dead/death' costumes. We had a dead gymnast, volleyball player, Greek goddess, cheerleader, and princess,

A couple of funny costumes were an older boy in a cheerleading uniform, another older boy in a very small Spiderman costume, and a pimp.

One of the biggest highlights was a girl, maybe 14-16 years old in a princess/prom dress that was SO low cut and had MAJOR cleavage! At first I thought it had to have been a parent, so once my eyes finally moved north I saw how young she looked! I looked back at everyone and they all gave me the same shocked look! I think her boobs could have totally been fake…I mean I don't know of many teenagers with that amount of cleavage.

I also kept up with my tradition of handing out raisins to the kids who were not dressed up, or could not tell me what they were dressed up as. The first two boys I gave the raisins to tried to act all cool and told me that they liked raisins. Whatever punks! You don't fool me! No kid would ever choose raisins over candy! The party guests really enjoy it when I give out raisins. We even got a "Give Him Raisins" chant going at one point. One party guest, who we'll call David, slipped some non-costumer some raisins instead of the candy he was handing out so…"He totally got Raisined!"

I had a couple of other kids tell me they were students, but I didn't buy that either. However one kid did have a backpack, and said he was a high schooler, so I did give him some candy. I mean how hard is it to buy a $1 mask at the Dollar Store? Get a bed sheet? Find some whips and chains?

I also had some fake rats by the pumpkins, and one little kid got really scared from them! Poor dude.

Here are a few photos from the night:

Sam the witch and myself:

The musicians, Elvis (aka Ellie) and Meg White. Her costume was so great! She bought all of her accessories separate (glasses, scarf, side burns, microphone) and they definitely completed the ensemble.

Here we are…Jack and Meg White.

Here is the Drexler family with their Halloween burrito.

Lastly here are a few cute photos of Lucas' body parts.


Sarah said...

First of all, who dresses their kid as a skunk? That's just mean.

The White Stripes? That's just awesome! I hope you sang a few songs for the crowd. Did any of the trick or treaters know who you were?

Jenna said...

Amber, how many times have I said it - you totally crack me up! I love the raisins. We are so doing that next year. Though if it were this year we wouldn't have handed any out cuz everyone was dressed up.

My fav are the kids in animal costumes, too. That's why Laina was a panda bear.

Judy S said...

So we have a new term:
"to get raisined"! I like it!
Even tho I wasn't there, I know
the raisin encounters had to be
the funniest!

Judy S said...

Well, I can't believe this stupid
blog finally let me leave a comment!