Thursday, November 29, 2007

You Know You Do Too

Last weekend when John and I went to Gus’ we parked behind a bright yellow Audi with the following license plate:

We were laughing so hard that I had to get a photo of to share with all of you! We didn’t see who the owners of this car were though. Who do you think owns it? Is there a retired porn star that lives in the area? Maybe it’s a sex therapist. I mean seriously! Who would have enough guts to have that on their car? Maybe it’s some single middle aged man lookin’ for a good time. I can't believe the DMV approved it! I bet they didn't get it. I doubt they would have accepted it if they did. For all these years I thought SLO was such a pure town…tisktisk. Oh how wrong I was!


Anonymous said...

judy says:

I can't believe that got past the DMV, either! Maybe someone is advertising, trying to meet new friends!

You really should have waited to see who owns the car and photographed them, too!

The worst one I ever saw was in DC: "NOJODAS" (Don't screw (or "f---) around. The Spanish-speaking peeps on the tour were shocked!

Sarah said...

Maybe the owner runs an escort service? I know if I ran an escort service I'd have a plate like that. Just common sense.

Sarah said...

They also need to pay their registration soon. Don't want to risk losing that great plate.