Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What the heck is going on?

My map showed me today that I had 165 visitors to my blog yesterday! That cannot be true! I was so distraught when I saw that number that I ran home from work and called everyone I knew! I had to find out who was checking my blog! I mean this is totally serious!

Ok, so I didn’t act like a telemarketer on crack…but I have come up with a few theories of finding out if the map is telling the truth. The first thing I did, was check my friend Sarah’s blog to see if her map had an obscene amount of visitors on it. I thought for sure that would put my wondering mind at ease. Wrongo bongo! She had 2 visitors yesterday. So that theory went in the crapper.

Theory #2: Check my YouTube account and see how many times the guitar hero videos have been viewed. There should at least be 100 views on one of those videos right? As of now the most is 25 on one video. I’ll give that one more day as well, but that sounds like a pretty realistic number. Maybe it takes awhile for them to tally the viewers?

Theory #3: Check the number of times my blogger profile has been viewed. Currently it’s at 197. Only problem is that I don’t know what it used to be! Real smart I know.

Theory #4: Wait to check the map tomorrow. If the number goes back down to 15 then I know that the stats from the last two days were just a fluke. Even if it is a high number, I think I will still think it’s a fluke since I haven’t received any comments from people I don’t know.

Of course I’d like to think it is legit. Who wouldn’t? How cute do all those little red circles look on my map? But how did all of these viewers come across it? The only thing that I can think of is that someone posted the link somewhere, where a ton of peeps saw it. But who would have posted it and not have contacted me? It's such a mystery!

I thought you all were really excited about my Belize entry, (hence the 53 visits), but by getting three times as many peeps on the day I posted John’s sweet dance vids, I have my doubts.

John tried to tell me it was his guitar playing that brought the people to the site telling me ‘if you rock it they will come.’ Whatever dude. Go take your toy guitar and stick it where the sun don’t shine.


Sarah said...

Don't be a hater. John's moves are awesome and the fans showed up to bask in the presence of greatness. I bet people are telling their friends about the vids and everyone is trying to learn how do the "white boy clap." Which is not an STD.

Anonymous said...

Judylscott says:

Guess who? I am putting my name on this b/c Google still doesn't recognize me. Anyway, you know
Guitar Hero is hot, hot, hot! And
how many peeps are brave enough to
put themselves on the Internet playing on a little bitty guitar?
If "white boy clap" isn't an STD, what is it??

jay said...

I bet it was people googling "White Boy Clap". Word must have spread and there was fear in the air that this year's SARS was spreading...

Or it was those 160 times I stopped by yesterday.