Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Rock On!

This past weekend John and I cruised Best Buy to look for ‘Christmas gifts.’ (John used the Christmas gift M.O. to get me to go there…which worked…I’m such a sucka!) Well we were kind of going in there for that, but we were really looking to see if they are selling the guitar hero guitars by themselves (not with the game).

So we enter the store and the ‘greeter’ says hello/welcome to us. Do all of your Best Buys employ this position?? I can’t believe they actually PAY someone to greet you! I must say it is the WORST position EVER! I don’t even want to go into their store because I know that greeter is going to be there and force me to interact with them. It takes all that I have to not scream at the top of my lungs ‘STOP SAYING HI TO ME! I DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU! And by the way…YELLOW IS SO NOT YOUR COLOR!’

It took me a little while to cool down from my interaction with the greeter, and while I was taking nice deep breaths I noticed a small crowd over near the video game area. John and I decide to take a look to see what the excitement is, and what do you know? There is a guitar Hero battle in progress! There is this little dude playing EXPERT level on the game and totally rocking! John and I just stood there with our mouths hanging open. We have just entered the medium level on our game and could not believe the pace of the expert level. All I could think is that this kid played the game A LOT and had to have had the song memorized. We totally did not blend into the crowd as well. It mostly consisted of teenagers, some punk, some rockers, and then us…and old, white, conservative looking married couple. Generation gap? What generation gap? We’re still cool aren’t we?

So this little rocker totally kicks this other chicks butt, and this new longhaired older kid takes the seat. One kids yells out ‘Do you think you can beat him?’ Longhaired older kids grunts and gets into position. They pick the song ‘One’ by Metallica and the battle begins.

Notes just stared flying by and their fingers were moving at a Kirk Hammet pace (real guitarist for Metallica)! The longhaired rocker was totally giving the little rocker a run for his money…but then the little rocker started coming back, but it was no use. Longhaired rocker totally dominated. By the end of the song little rocker’s mom was there and he had to leave. Such a sad walk of shame. (As you know longhaired rocker probably rode his bike there).

Then, this past week South Park’s episode was based on guitar hero!! (It rang a little to close to home since we had just gotten our game that same week!) The plot was that Stan and Kyle were awesome at the game and were going to perform in front of a live crowd (at a video game store), to try to get 1 million points. It was a very cleaver story, but I didn’t really buy it. Would kids really gather to watch other kids play the game? I guess so, as I was one of those kids at Best Buy 3 days later.


Sarah said...

First of all you really need to just accept the greeters. They just want to be your friend and you don't even have to pay them. The store does that for you. I joined a gym a few months ago and I get really annoyed when I leave the building without one of my new friends saying "good bye" or "have a nice night." We have bonded and now we must converse when I enter and exit the doors.

Hey maybe you could get the long haired rocker to give you lessons. Might have to pay him though. Did you check and see if the Best Buy greeter knows the game? You guys are friends now.

Anonymous said...

Judy says...

Amber, you must know that not everyone can wear yellow, and this
shirt is the sorry lot of the hapless Best Buy greeter. He is more to be pitied than maligned.

TOO FUNNY about the guitar hero battle at Best Buy! I am so sorry for the little dude's embarrassing
exit, but this is the type of experience that builds character...