Monday, November 5, 2007

Is that you Slash?

I had big plans tonight to start working on my second Belize entry, but little did I know that John would be bringing home one of the funnest video games out on the market. That is right... he brought home Pong! Can you believe it? I mean I know it's a total classic, but it always an easy way to waste 4 hours! Ok, just kidding. Well just kidding about the Pong part, because John did bring home Guitar Hero for the Wii!!! Yes they just came out with it! We went to Best Buy this past weekend and they were sold out, but John found one in Santa Maria today! We have been playing it since we got home and almost forgot to cook dinner, (which John is doing now... such a good servant, oh I mean husband).

Even though you don't get extra points for dance choreography I still think John would win any sort of fake guitar competition.

John was intentionally clapping like a spaz in this vid:


Sarah said...

John has got some sweet moves! Although I think the "white boy clap" is my favorite.

Daniel and Brianne said...

SOOOO...funny! You guys crack me up!!

Anonymous said...

From judylscott:

What the heck? You are going to
have to show me the game when we
are down there. I don't even know what "white boy clap" is. Is it an
STD? I hope not!

BossyLucy said...

Wow...who knew John could so accurately bust a white boy move!

Rock On!

jay said...

I've heard that game is awesome... There's a partner at my firm who keeps bragging about how he got a 93% on Sweet Child O' Mine or some other song the night before...

I'm not fully impressed with John's moves, though, until I see a full-on Power Slide on the carpet, or at least some AC/DC style skipping action.

Anonymous said...

Judylscott says:

I kind of agree with Jay. I mean, who cares if the notes are right?
We want to see some fancy footwork--skipping, power sliding, and whatnot.