Sunday, November 11, 2007

Worst Daughter Ever

I forgot my dad's birthday. Ok, so I didn't really forget it, I just got the days mixed up. Can you believe it?? I am TOTALLY blaming turning 30. I mean everything has gone down hill this year, and now it's my memory?? You've got to be kidding me!

His birthday was on Thursday but I thought it was on Friday. So Friday night after dinner I frantically call him hoping to give him some wishes. Then he tells me his birthday was yesterday! To make matters worse, we have another friend who has the same birthday, and as I'm calling my dad I tell John that he should give her a call as well. Then he tells me he called her yesterday, but didn't tell me! I then thought that maybe I had written it down wrong my my calendar...but nope! I had it right. So I really have no excuse except for old age.

So needless to say I feel really bad that I did not call him on Thursday. However I was early with my gift. But I don't think that matters. I am hoping that this mini photo tribute, (of some of my favorite photos), to my dad will make up for it!

My dad and my Grandma

My dad in high school

My dad in action

My dad doing his typical pose

My parents engagement photo

Family photo

A later family photo

My dad and I at a Giants game (cira 1984)

My dad and I goofing off in our hotel room in Hawaii.

My dad and I in Disneyland in front of the Haunted Mansion

My dad (much later) at another Giants game

My dad and I in Paris


Anonymous said...

judylscott says:

Nice little photo timeline! But, seriously, I don't think you will EVER be able to make up for forgetting Daddy's BIG DAY! :)

Anonymous said...

judylscott says:

OK! My computer shut down and I have been here twice. But I only went to algdesign once. You are good at math, so I know you can figure this out.

Sarah said...

Excellent tribute to your Dad. It should totally make up for missing the actual day. This thing will be around forever. Unlike those sunglasses you were wearing in front of the Haunted Mansion.

Big D said...

I forgive you for missing the date. At my age, I can barely remember my birthday. Nice pictures. I want you to be 8 again. You were soooooooooooooooo agreeable.