Monday, November 19, 2007

Football and Dogs

This past weekend my parents came into town for the holiday…well sort of. They are staying here until Wednesday and then heading up to San Jose to spend the actually holiday with my sister. Needless to say our weekend was pretty packed.

On Saturday we had planned to meet my parents at Cal Poly when they got into town. We had tickets to the last home football game and to the pre-game BBQ. We knew that the BBQ filled up fast and that we needed to get there early to guarantee a table. We call them to find out where they are and they tell us Soledad. So we figure they will get into town around 11:30am. So we head to VONS to get our turkey day shopping out of the way. At about 10:45 we get a call from them that they are in Paso. So to make a long story short, John and I had to start shopping like crazy people since our schedule had just been thrown off! I totally felt like I was on Supermarket Sweep! Although we weren’t going for any cash prizes.

The game was lots of fun! It was really nice that the Mustangs were leading 44 to 0 in the 3rd quarter when we left. They played IONA who came out from NY to play them. Before you start to think it’s a pretty long trip out here just for a football game, we heard that CP paid them $90K to come out there. So I’m sure it was worth their while. There were actually a lot of NY fans there too! You could totally tell they were from NY. Well they kind of looked like New Jersey dudes…wife beaters, gold chains, HUGE muscles, tan, and spiky hair.

When John was in the restroom one of the IONA fans was in the complaining that he almost got arrested for smoking and having an open beer container in the stands. John decides to tell him ‘that’s how we do it in California.’ I could just see John starting a brawl in the bathroom!

I also must say that my mom was a really good sport throughout the game since she is really not a football fan…any sports fan actually.

On Sunday my dad and John played golf while my mom and I headed up to Paso for the dog show. One of my co-workers has an Airedale terrier that is ranked the #2 terrier in all of the US. John and I went and saw him last year where he won Best of Show! It was very exciting.

This year we got there just in time to see the terrier group. Max (the Airedale terrier) did a GREAT job and got first in the group and actually got first. We then watched the herding group (to see the corgis of course), and then the toy group (to see the Papillion and pom pom). I took a few videos but I don’t think the quality would do their cuteness justice.

My mom fizzed out after the toy group so we left. I found out today from my co-worker that Max did not win Best in Show. I was really shocked, because you can tell that he is way more experienced than the other dogs shown. The judging is just too subjective for my liking. My co-worker said the judge doesn’t normally judge terriers as well. It would be hard for me not to be biased if I was a judge. I mean how can you say no to this face?

In other news…I’m almost done with my Christmas stocking! I really did not believe I would finish it before Christmas, but I am! I am really thankful for that! I mean how sad would it be for John to have a nice homemade stocking on the mantel, and there being a generic store bought one for me! No thank you! Next I just need to tackle my other Christmas gift sewing projects!

Also, in case you haven’t noticed, I’ve added a few new blogs to my side bar. I’ve had a few friends start them, so check them out if you have time! My friend Brianne just got married at the end of last month and has just started her blog. Actually she started out as John’s friend as she was one of his loan officers. She moved to the central coast w/ her then boyfriend, but had to move back a few months ago. We really miss them both, but are so excited that they started a blog. (I will post wedding photos soon).

My friend Jalene also started a new blog honoring her daughter that she had in August. She is a super cutie. I worked with Jalene a few years ago when I worked at the local PR firm.

Stephanie has one again attempted a blog. I talked her into one last January, but she never made it past 2 entries. Now that little Lucas has been born, we will see if she is more motivated. I’m a little concerned though because so far there is only three entries! Come on Steph! I know you can do it!


Sarah said...

I LOVED Supermarket Sweep. Those people were always so blind when they couldn't see the cereal box with the cash stuck to it. And then the host comes out and is like "Duh you morons! It's right here!" Yeah that show was awesome!

Big D said...

Our trip was great. I LOVED the free beer. Your husband is quite a host. He always lets me beat him when we play golf.

Anonymous said...

Judy says...

Hey! Those were really cute dog
photos! Where did you get them?

Also, this is a couple of entries late, but we saw the SouthPark Guitar Hero episode at Amy's house.
They had it recorded and I thought it was so timely!! Funny, too, and
I don't always appreciate the SouthPark genre of humor. Just think: if you and John practice enough, you might be able to challenge someone at Best Buy some day and not get humiliated. It's nice to have goals in life.

Daniel and Brianne said...

AH! I totally have always wanted to go to the dog show!....maybe we'll pencil it in for next year. Glad you guys had a great Thanksgiving...looks like you had a houseful of fun! Check out my blog if you get a!
Brianne :)

Daniel and Brianne said...

P.S. We miss you guys too! How do you get your friends blogs on your page?